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  1. Analysis paralysis steered me to Okna. Harvey was a close second. Mathews Brothers hit my radar screen after the fact.
  2. what about Maine made windows? Mathews Brothers. I don't live in Maine, and they weren't on my radar screen until after I installed new replacements. I did look at Harvey and they were in my top 3, but didn't go with them.
  3. so I've been lurking for ages and have been able to learn a bunch of the terms/acronyms, but this one I can't figure out... >The WAR is there for good this summer. What's WAR?
  4. indeed it is...and the pics are gone from my google photos now...strange. And, yes, I overplanted...oops...
  5. Lurker here...and I was hoping these pics would be posted again this year so I could remember which person was doing this setup. I saw them before and wondered more about the setup. Not hydroponic? Yields look amazing for the space used. Care to share info via forum or PM? Around me there are a lot more backyard gardens this year than previous years. My take on #GrowFoodNotLawns.
  6. I had all summer to look for something since it broke on last application, but I forgot all about it. I ended up ordering a Titan 50# (some assembly required). It's okay. Nothing spectacular. It was on special for $84.95 with free shipping the day I bought it. I have since seen an different colored model at the local Agway and on Home Depot website for $45 more. Glad I didn't pay that much for it.
  7. looking for fertilizer spreader options that are reasonably priced. had cheapo scotts and recent earthway 2030pplus that separated axle from gearbox. 30,000 sq ft approx lawn area.
  8. No town in CT. Mendon, MA. The Blackstone Valley area got hit pretty hard last year. I saw pics that Ginx posted last was worse than my far...but I fear this year it's my turn. I sprayed some Bt about a week ago. And since you have a picture fetish :-) Pic is from post ID 423 in the 6th annual SNE lawn thread. Cherry looked better 2 years ago than today. :-(
  9. So you like having to cut down trees, grind stumps, and deal with depressions in yard when the rest of the root system rots? My ornamental cherries are looking rough this year after gypsy attack last year, but I would hate to loose any of the mature trees in my yard. (Back to long time lurker mode).
  10. Thanks. Does the cinnamon oil work? Ticks are unreal this year. Might have to try backyard chickens!!!
  11. In Model Meyham I see that Ginx reported no gypsies...and DIT commented on the spray. Curious what the spray was (and didn't want to reply in the model thread)?
  12. I have been using MNLA (massachusett nursey and landscape association) 10-6 (now 0)-4 Turf-o-ganic fertilizer for years on and off when I can find it. This year is another year where it is proving to be tough to find. It is 75% organic nitrogen. I had MNLA leftover for first application, if I can't get it in the next week or so I have to go with something else. Any favorites/suggestions that would be similar?
  13. Which is why my irrigation system was a stupid decision. 14 zones, 3 heads per zone, 2 gpm per head, 305' well. And giving the well a rest means running closer to a 50/50 duty cycle...currently on for 25 minutes per zone, off for 20. Obviously I can't do all 14 zones each day, and at the rate it takes me to water 14 zones, the irrigation system was just promoting shallow roots. Slowly I've been converting the back yard lawn over to increasing amounts of garden (and the grubs damaging a big area for the second time convinced me it was a good idea) so I have four zones that are not used now, and would like to take out at least one more. I cut at 3.5" for the first cut, but will run it up to the max 4.0" that my Deere can do if it stays dry. Installed Gator blades on Saturday, curious how they will do for lift on long grass and mulching.
  14. backedge (and others)...thanks for the welcome and comments (I'll mostly go back to lurking and picking up some knowledge here and there) me, soil building is's alive. each his own...we have the "Green Thumb" trucks around as well...and their lawns do look nice...they are just junkies wait for their next fix. ;-) I am fighting a loosing battle with crab grass the first 3-5 feet off the road, that soil is DEAD (years of salt and marginal loam depths). I expect this year it will be awful, but I will get in there and till it out before it goes to seed and then lay out many yards of loam and seed to rebuild that area this fall. My biggest problem, the yard is too big for me to keep it watered (well with marginal quantity for the huge amount I have to water (irrigation system was largely a waste of money I spent)), and I get tired of the effort to keep it perfect (as evidenced by the lime that has been in my shed since last fall) good enough is good enough for me. cheers
  15. Lurker here for a few years. Appreciate the insight and learning from all of the people who contribute. Figures my first post would be in this sub-forum, but I wanted to throw something out there for the (mostly) "organic" crowd. 18 years in the house, no "step" fertilizers in WELL over a decade, but yes, there are some weeds. MNLA fertilizer, hand pull some dandys, but otherwise, I live in my house and my yard, and don't obsess over it. Put me down in the camp that avoids chemical treatments that may affect my kids and my dogs, and I still have reasonable curb appeal. (First mow was Saturday, still evening out the height, and I need to check the deck leveling)