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  1. nice! im going to need another reason not to work while I'm at work!
  2. the temps have been steadily dropping over the morning, once the precip gets here you will see them drop more.
  3. what time during the PM rush, early 4 or later 6,
  4. obviously the NAM is having trouble, as it alway does when the sun isn't out, it will come back by mid day tomorrow
  5. Yeah on WTOP he was not over hyping the storm but did say that there could be 5-6 inches, that seems reasonable.
  6. you know that you just say this same statement over and over and over right? how about this, you moderate less and post more about the weather!!
  7. in that case, I did a few of thoes then last year
  8. what exactly is a jebwalk anyway?
  9. 36 is nice, this is before it bombs out too right, and i seeing this right?
  10. http://www.weather.gov/ WSW staring to go up in SWVA and the NE
  11. ...is the only meteorologist/atmospheric scientist of those in DC?
  12. where is this cold air coming from? I don't see a high or a 50/50. tapped cold air to the north brough in by the storm?
  13. pretty sure they nailed every threat of snow this year
  14. we need a hurricane type cone of uncertainty with this storm
  15. no one should be celebrating anything but the possibility of a storm
  16. I think it's a good prelim map, it is possible that we get a big storm, what remains to be seen is p type
  17. any amount of snow would be welcome, it's just fun to track the idea of a huge storm even if it doesn't pan out. but i think im in the minority
  18. NAM always has problem this far out
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