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  1. Lock it in - funny to see such disparity bet with local mets on this - I do think Nashville National Weather Service even mentions this or has anything besides mostly cloudy in the forecast for this time period.
  2. I think, and someone that has more experience in this can chime in, but that bottoming out of the cycles length as we get enter a grand minimum
  3. Not liking, not that any of us would, the wet pattern that seems to be being telegraphed by long range modeling, not to mention the severe threats!
  4. Can tell a difference in the air mass this morning versus yesterday morning, most certainly feels like a late Spring morning, hope we can get a pass on this one too!
  5. Yea it is not a good look on the models that is for sure. Do not know where we are going to put the couple inches we should get this weekend. No telling what would happen if we got that as modeled
  6. Yea was over middle tn yesterday runs imagine will move around until get closer
  7. Well, there is always next year; cant wait for the early predictions to start coming out in the July/August time period; just hope that we can, as someone already stated, that we do not have the misfortune of having an early season tropical system.
  8. CFS seems bring heavy rain back to region through March
  9. Personally speaking, I do not think that the current time period will be the big issue. Heading into the Spring, I feel like we are in a bad place. North of Nashville we got close to 4" yesterday evening which, of course, as in the East TN area, flash flooding. We need a large scale pattern change, I mean large scale. I dont want a drought but seems like we are over due for one!
  10. So, anyone want to take a stab at winter 2019/2020? Got to be better than this!
  11. Yea, won't take much blow allot timber down
  12. Or when there is weather spoken of in a weather forum! I agree though, strange, been several years since we have had a good snow in Middle TN!