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  1. Could February make us forget about the horrors of December and January?
  2. Exactly! It will likely all look different with the noon runs!
  3. Yea, I agree, yet, the wild swings in the models make me real nervous to get on board.
  4. So are the models just seeing the warm up as more muted now or are they still in process of ingesting data? I honestly think that we will get a storm similar to today. For example, no one around here was really saying too much about flurries most of the day, granted, it is not sticking too well but no one forecasted there to be snow in the air most of the day today as it has been either.
  5. Well, in my opinion, it is close enough to the same pattern to categorize it as the same, but splitting hairs at this point; I too am still hopeful that can pull something off but modeling does not provide much to be hopeful for honesty and like you stated yesterday, once we reach the third week of February, essentially, we are done with any appreciable winter weather. Just anxious to see ultra long range to see if there is any guidance that might suggest next year could be a different year with regards to overall winter patterns. The west has had several consecutive very good years, which have essentially erased the California drought but then have a contributing influence on the eventual fire season being rough as a result of all the growth. Anyway, rambled on more than usual lol
  6. Same occurring in the TN Valley area - north of Nashville here - looks like the same pattern to continue - got to break this pattern of poor winters - this is like the third one in a row where winter is MIA
  7. Looks like we are headed back to the same pattern after a brief pause first of the week; cold, warm up, rain, then cold again. As long as the same players on the field - SER, craziness to expect the plays to be different.
  8. Lol goodness well eventually this multi year winter crap pattern will break, i assume.
  9. In reality, I think all of us are aware of the brief window compared to other areas of the county that we have for Winter in the Upper South, at least we are not pulling our hair out like members in some other forums, will not specifically mention them by name. My point is, I know for myself, I get my fix with about one winter storm, after that, I am good. I keep hoping for a winter that is a repeat of childhood winters of the 1970's - perhaps the erupting volcano in the tropics can make that happen for next year - but soon we will be turning the page anyway, so I will take what I can get and at least we have something to track, whether the pattern lasts or not, allot more fun than this time last year!
  10. The model is just so volatile and variable with its solutions; we discuss it every year; not sure why we use it for forecasting honestly.