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  1. I think OHX is finally recognizing thg he boundary continues shifting south
  2. I live in same area. The Woodlands still show the scars of the last really bad one we had in 1994
  3. That is not good. That would cause serious hardship for days across the region
  4. NWS Nashville typically pretty conservative is mentioning next week in discussions. I lost track of the winter events depicted on morning run of GFS for forum
  5. Middle and West folks have not really seen anything this season so my skepticism is warranted.
  6. Honestly believe it when it is within 72 hours
  7. Seems like allot of cold air lurking but no mechanism to pull it south
  8. Looks great to me, sure beats last few seasons lol
  9. All right, will be more on board when start seeing it depicted in modeling I guess.
  10. Will remain hopeful but not really seeing allot on modeling that can cling too lol
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