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  1. Middle and West folks have not really seen anything this season so my skepticism is warranted.
  2. Honestly believe it when it is within 72 hours
  3. Seems like allot of cold air lurking but no mechanism to pull it south
  4. Looks great to me, sure beats last few seasons lol
  5. All right, will be more on board when start seeing it depicted in modeling I guess.
  6. Will remain hopeful but not really seeing allot on modeling that can cling too lol
  7. Glad some in the forum area were able to score, not seeing allot in the long range that would indicate the pattern we need. Could be wrong, hoping so!
  8. The CFS that just ran was insanely cold and snowy for the entire state but especially so from Middle to East TN; I like winter but that run would not be good for the area.
  9. I am just pleased to see something to track this season!
  10. Nashville doing the same, pretty standard operating procedure, usually play it ultra safe often times - Nashville - not calling for accumulating snow until they see it snowing and accumulating lol
  11. Overall, I like the look of the next few days. Not really seeing anything like the last several seasons, which, even if dont get a good snow, is so refreshing!
  12. American modeling is the last to the party but hopefully this will come into clearer focus over the weekend. As a kid I can recall several times where arctic boundaries really over performed in snowfall!