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  1. Would not take much to make it a better winter imo
  2. Yea, that map is pretty accurate. North of town, we are starting to dry out as well, need a good rain. This Spring has been unique, usually we have a couple of "gully washers" before we move into the dryness of Summer, not so this year!
  3. Was fairly localized in the Middle TN area; I am in Sumner county, northeast of Nashville near White House and while it did storm, we got lots of rain and wind maybe 30 mph
  4. We were seemingly able to dodge most of the fowl weather here in Middle TN over night, thankful about that! Hope that holds for the future as well!
  5. Yea, was really hopeful based upon what was reading November onward that the Winter would turn around but we put another consecutive awful winter in the books in Middle TN; the real problem is that when the pattern eventually breaks and it will, that even the smallest Winter event will seem so out of the ordinary. Needless to say, if we ever have another winter like I had growing up in the 1970's, Nashville would think that the world was coming to an end!
  6. One thing is for sure though, I bet that TVA/Corps of Engineers is stepping up the flows from the area holding facilities in advance of this system next week.
  7. Looks like wet pattern is set to return with a vengeance
  8. He is implying that we are headed into a cooler climate based on previous solar mins and the previous tilts of the Earth; could very well be but there are multiple drivers of climate and the weather in general, not just as in this case, solar mins and tilt of the Earth.
  9. What are you implying? Noting to see here, totally contained, well, aside from the people that we thought did not have it, like the flight steward on Korean Air. Of course the airline conveniently misplaced the flights the person worked on...
  10. Have not heard much about Joe Bastardi in posts in any of the forums - just curious what his reasoning is behind yet another bust of a winter forecast.
  11. So, the pattern of warm winters could break next year? I would think that statistically, if not next year, then certainly the next we should see some difference.
  12. Still hopeful that can pull something out of the magic hat before mid-March here in the Middle TN area but real close to getting the Spring bug here and real close to buttoning up this season and curios whether anyone has any thoughts this far out on next season?
  13. I guess if this pattern continues will be harder and harder to bad mouth the Winter this year.