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  1. Didn't see anything where I was at the time. More Information at: https://www.weather.gov/ind/june2_1990tor
  2. Public Information Statement National Weather Service Indianapolis IN 500 PM EDT Thu Apr 9 2020 ...Tornado Confirmed Near Moorseville in Morgan County Indiana... Location...Moorseville in Morgan County Indiana Date...April 8th 2020 Estimated Time...843PM EDT Maximum EF-Scale Rating...EF1 Estimated Maximum Wind Speed...100 MPH Maximum Path Width...35 yards Path Length...0.97 Miles Beginning Lat/Lon...39.61333N/-86.3771W Ending lat/Lon...39.6056N/-86.362W * Fatalities...0 * Injuries...0 * The information in this statement is preliminary and subject to change pending final review of the event(s) and publication in NWS Storm Data. ...Summary... The National Weather Service in Indianapolis IN has confirmed a tornado near Moorseville in Morgan County Indiana on April 8th 2020. A line of severe thunderstorms developed Wednesday afternoon across Central Illinois and continued to grow stronger as they pushed east into Central Indiana Wednesday evening. These storms produced widespread damaging winds between 60 and 75 mph across Central Indiana, in addition to the brief EF1 Tornado touchdown in Moorseville. This information can also be found on our website at weather.gov/ind. For reference...the Enhanced Fujita Scale classifies tornadoes into the following categories: EF0...wind speeds 65 to 85 mph. EF1...wind speeds 86 to 110 mph. EF2...wind speeds 111 to 135 mph. EF3...wind speeds 136 to 165 mph. EF4...wind speeds 166 to 200 mph. EF5...wind speeds greater than 200 mph
  3. I don't know anything behind ILX's discussion, but from my own experience, if I agree with SPC I'm going to refer you to it. It saves me time and allows me to focus on other things that need to be done. Now, if I disagree, I might spend more time discussing it. Either way some people are more verbose than others. (There was a time when AFDs had a 30 line limit, max.)
  4. IND reached 67 degrees today, destroying the previous record of 62. The old record of 62 was last reached in 2019.
  5. Could be, or multiple servers. Too common these days. Wasn't in the office so I don't know for sure what's going on.
  6. Ok at the moment here at home. I noticed problems with the wx story last night. More than likely another problem with the servers. Hopefully it's fixed now.
  7. Yes, this. The event is happening over a 36 hour period. Also, when issuing a warning (ignoring impacts for a moment) the average has to be 6". So 4-6" is an average of 5" which would be advisory. (Of course impacts could change things).
  8. Records set at Indianapolis from the recent cold/snow event: Date Record Previous Value November 11 Snowfall: 2.8 inches 1.2 inches, last observed in 1995 November 12 7 AM Snow Depth: 2 inches Trace, last observed in 2013 November 12 Low Minimum Temp: 8 degrees 14 degrees, set in 1911 November 12 Low Maximum Temp : 21 degrees 26 degrees, set in 1920 November 13 Low Minimum Temp : 9 degrees 10 degrees, set in 1986 November 13 7 AM Snow Depth : 1 inch No Snow Depth for this date Season Earliest single digit temperature: November 12 November 17
  9. Go to the following URL and select percent of normal precipitation for the past 2 weeks: https://water.weather.gov/precip/
  10. Indy made it to 91 today, breaking another daily record
  11. Indy has broken the daily record of 89 with a high of 90 so far.
  12. Not at work today, but there was a flash flood warning in effect for Madison Co due to parts of the county getting >2" in less than hour. Warnings often cover larger areas due to anticipated storm movement, so it could've weakened or something like that.
  13. Agree. It was an event, not a big one, but still severe wx... https://www.weather.gov/ind/may192019severe
  14. Indy's peak wind of 66 mph was the strongest non-thunderstorm gust since April 1988
  15. Indy tied the record of 62 today (last reached 1992)