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  1. February 2018 Discussion

    Indy sets its all time February record high, with 77 degrees (as of ~2PM Feb 20)!
  2. No. The warning was for southern sections of central Indiana.
  3. January 14-15th Clipper System

    1.5" so far sw side of Indy
  4. Yeah that was weird. I had the proper nowcast up in the window and sent it. Then we started getting calls, etc about severe storms! I love technology!
  5. November 17-19 Wind/Rain/Snow

    The GFS MOS is calling for 60 as well. I'm guessing the model blend we use is similar as well. It'll probably end up being warm before I can get outside to experience it.
  6. September 2017 Record Breaking Heat Wave

    Unfortunately, I don't remember it off-hand. Sorry!
  7. September 2017 Record Breaking Heat Wave

    Indy tied its record high of 91 today. 6th consecutive day of 90+.
  8. September 2017 Record Breaking Heat Wave

    Indy hit 91 today, making it 5 in a row of 90 or greater. Record for today was 92.
  9. September 2017 Record Breaking Heat Wave

    Indy tied its record high today (92) and also did so on Friday (93). It's the 4th consecutive day of 90 or greater, the longest stretch for so late in the year since the 1890s.
  10. August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse

    Here's what the 1994 annual eclipse looked like on GOES-8 (Courtesy of NASA). More on that eclipse: https://www.weather.gov/ind/1994annulareclipse
  11. May 15-20th Severe Weather Event

    The start time for the tornado has been changed to 8:40 PM, and another tornado was added (Boone Co). : http://www.weather.gov/ind/may20tornado
  12. May 15-20th Severe Weather Event

    You can always submit your concerns via our office email account (link at the bottom of NWS IND's webpage). I wasn't there for this event, but the time on the PNS may have been estimated by radar.
  13. IND's area up to 7 tornadoes for this event: http://www.weather.gov/ind/feb28mar12017severe
  14. December 16-18 Winter Storm Threat

    Had to go out on south side of Indy just a bit ago. Where roads are salted, it's mainly slush now. Untreated areas are still slick but some are developing ruts in the ice if there is traffic.
  15. August 24 Indiana/Ohio Tornado Outbreak

    We've added a 7th tornado, an EF-0 in Howard County. That means 5 of the 7 tornadoes in central Indiana that day were in Howard County (yes, 1 of those 5 started in Carroll)!