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  1. It does seem to be beginning its turn - really interesting to see these satellite images coming in every minute, definitely changes the way we monitor TC motion.
  2. Kind of an interesting structure to Irma, with one large spiral band of convection encompassing >50% of the CDO. I'm not sure I've seen something like that before in a TC.
  3. Storm east of Leedey producing an impressive funnel
  4. KFOR with TOG:
  5. Launched a radiosonde from Louisville this afternoon. Here's the Skew-t. Humidity was 33% at the time of the launch, but it's now around 50%.
  6. Because we know that they are putting heavy emphasis on getting out the most accurate information
  7. NWS Boulder upgraded Denver Metro and Boulder to a winter storm warning for 6-12" of snow.
  8. NWS Boulder experimental "Most Likely" Snowfall for Colorado by 6pm Saturday.
  9. I'm hoping their local station is actually on air giving coverage and not just doing what they were doing on their Facebook live - that was kind of embarrassing.
  10. Any live stream coming out of Alexandria? Watching one Facebook live stream and it's pretty awful...talking primarily about the hail and hardly focused on the tornado threat...
  12. I'm doubtful of any snow totals at this point. Everything that I've seen thus far for lower elevations has pointed at too warm for anything significant. Look at the spreads in the snow potential from the experimental winter page from BOU. It's almost'll get at least no snow, but you might get up to 2 feet!
  13. Give me a break. Don't show the RPM and call it a forecast.
  14. Nice write up for Monday's system by BOU this morning.