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  1. Next to impossible to measure, there are cars half way buried on one side and barely up to the rims on the other. I would say around a foot but again, don't really have a clue. Wind is taking the visability down to a couple hundred yards at times. Unsure if we will hit two feet unless that death band / enhanced melting layer over NJ parks itself over NE PA for a bit. Walking it is high shins to just below the knees, thigh high drifts. That is the main deformation axis.
  2. 26 miles from the leading edge of the transition zone, not sweating yet much further north than I anticipated. Even Allentown looks to flip here shortly
  3. Coming down in sheets with light returns overhead, vis around 1/2 mile, I would say we are closing in on 6", there was 4" in the parking lot when we arrived a couple hours ago. CC has the transition about 60 miles south, Trenton back to Reading, but damn is it marching north.
  4. Made it to Mt Pocono, 476 past Allentown was bad, like 30mph the last 60 miles here and PA 903 was super sketch, time to get the blizz on, congrats fellas, this is big.
  5. We made it, Mt Pocono, let me know if I am in the wrong regional sub and if there are any members out this way. Started snowing in Dover DE, think it is 476 up was bad but I took PA 903 and Long Pond rd the last 20 miles, got hairy for a bit. 4" in the parking lot, temp around 21.
  6. We made it, Mt Pocono, I will never leave late again, last 20 miles on PA 903 was the worst driving conditions ever, couldn't see, road blended in to the surrounding , hard to not think about what if we got stranded but we didn't and it's time to get the blizz on!
  7. In Allentown, about an hour left, conditions really starting to go down hill. About an inch on the road, 26F.
  8. I am in PA, about 1:45 from Mt Pocono, if I need to adjust to Scranton I can buy that seems like money
  9. 240 miles from Philly, I am going to have to punch through the front end I am afraid
  10. Changed to Mt Pocono, close to 80 so I should have access getting out Wednesday, I can adjust a little once I get in to SE PA.
  11. Sup fellas, I am 10 minutes from sails up and joining the party, thinking Stroudsburg, hope to be in by midnight but that front end is going to come in like a boss to SE PA around 9. Open to some minor adjustments based on local climo which I know zero about NE PA, appreciate the commentary over the past several days.
  12. I am going to the Poconos, hope I spelled it right, around Stroudsburgh, would prefer to stay out of NJ NY
  13. Should be on the road around 3pm, sails up and heading north.
  14. Flurries, congrats to all those seeing fatties!
  15. The wet finger in these types of over running events always arrives ahead of schedule, the middle finger on the other hand has already arrived in the northern coastal plain.
  16. Chilly doesn't rip fatties, that is all I am saying, maybe a little bitterly and I am sorry.
  17. As the bulk of the moisture is moving through, yep, it's toasty outside of elevation.
  18. Dude, that's shorts weather for all of the SE outside elevation, Roanoke may be able to break out the parkas but I feel like we have a fundamental difference in the look of a modeled snowstorm for most of this sub forum, even the VA boarder counties. In other news, my PTO request for 3/13 - 3/15 was just submitted, southern NY is the northern extent I am will to go, has to be a solid shot at 24", I could dabble in the less than in northern VA as it has been awhile, but why not go big.
  19. GFS is a paste bomb in to the LIE, Newburgh iceburg, I may need to take some time off next week.
  20. No expert here but wouldn't that mean a neg tilt west of the Mississippi?
  21. Big time for southern New England, I would be a little worried in the coastal Mid Atlantic with this look...
  22. It is not on an island, small differences at 500mb.
  23. Don't be fooled by the NAM snow maps, those pinks are weenie blood.