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  1. minor in clover farming

  2. Clean out your inbox dude, Iso no messages :(

  3. Getting ready to bust caps into deer and rabbits that try to eat my clover!

  4. Must be from NJ, hard to believe a KS weenie would troll like this

  5. Climo supports such as track, as does the topography of the island over the past couple 100 years. Getting a day or two to understand the shift of the sand there, which is unlike any other on the east coast, and maybe heading south? Seems like a safe bet... >10% chance this misses, sorry dude, but once left of 78W without a bionafied front, kind of hard to miss SC/NC, with probs on the latter.

  6. **** U k*** , :)

  7. Nice Car!!! What is that, a Pinto?

  8. you likely passed within 1 mile of my house as we back up to a parcel that boarders 264 heading west of town (G-Vegas) about 7 miles, albeit several thousand feet away from the highway, I can here the seme's in the distance passing when outside. :) Me luv Iso

  9. Wassup Friend...