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  1. Recon is a hot mess right now. This is the first time...and probably the last time they should do this... Focus one line of aircraft per storm (i.e. NOAA only planes for 09L, AF only for 08L). If there is a technical problem with the entire group, at least you have the other one going out. Especially at a critical strengthening time.
  2. The Euro and HWRF are in general agreement on a cat 1 hurricane landfall, and the GFS has had pressures running high in general (see Gaston)
  3. Wow. It finally developed. I'm sure the models will continue to have no clue on it for a little while longer though.
  4. I'm finding it incredulous that recon is finding 60 mph winds from a nearly naked swirl.
  5. The newest GFS run has a 40+ inches dropping near Pensacola, up from 30-35 inches from 0z. I thought the Euro showing 44 yesterday was crazy. Maybe not, though.
  6. This weather has been awful. I thought the storms last night would make it down here, but where I live missed out as they skipped to the east and died. Can't wait to experience a storm again in a month or so, apparently.
  7. Well hello there As far as the forecast goes... It really could not be more straightforward. Probably a 50 MPH TS just north of Tampa Tuesday morning, then riding just off the coast and out to sea.
  8. Intriguing nugget from this morning's EWX AFD In addition, there is a potential for the system to attain warm core characteristics which along with elevated or surface boundaries could lead to copious mainly nighttime rainfall amounts. For now, rainfall amounts of 3 to 6 inches are expected across most areas with some totals up to 10 inches possible.
  9. The hail cores west of Lampasas and blowing up further south along the line are insane. At least 2" hail if not more.