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  1. What the heck just happened? It's got a foot of snow up here and all other models have 2-3".
  2. The more I look at this, the more I think it's the south shore that could school everyone. The high ratio deform band will deliver but the south shore from BOS-PVD and SE is going to get bombed with like 3" QPF of "real man snow" lol, along with 40-70mph winds.
  3. Yeah sorry meant NYC. My sister lives on the West Side and she said folks are literally expecting the storm of their lifetime. Like people brought in sleeping bags to work, they are being told not to go outside after 9pm tonight, stuff like that.I just think the media could care less what ISP gets for snow if NYC gets a mundane 8" or something, they are going after someone. And you know everyone saved that 24-36" forecast map from yesterday evening.
  4. I feel bad for the beating OKX is going to take if they only get 5-10"/6-12" of snow in NYC after a forecast of 24-36" within 24 hours of start time.
  5. lol we are going to disown you in NNE and lump you in with the SNE'ers for rooting for SE tics.
  6. Yeah it really cut down out west...BTV's southern Warnings and most of ALY's warnings would be in trouble, especially Litchfield's Blizzard Warning.
  7. The EURO has had some short term fails this year, at least up here. There haven't been many winter storms for you guys to compare but up here so far this winter, the Euro sniffs the threat out first, it's the most consistent, but it's been too heavy on QPF in the short range. Even the last wet snow event up here it had 1.6" of QPF for me within 12 hours of the event that verified with 0.6" as the heaviest went east.
  8. This is going to be tight in western areas...ALB has 10-14" forecast for the city, and two feet in the Berks. GFS says no.
  9. What fun is a blizzard if you can't stay inside and talk about it online? .
  10. Anyone complaining about over a foot needs to be smacked (or at least that's what you all tell me when I worry haha). But the mid-storm meltdowns are usually entertaining when it's because 14" fell instead of 20".
  11. There's a good deal of cold dry arctic air in place up here. There's really pretty weak mid-level forcing by the time it gets up here. Most of the lift is way up there, with dry low levels. I'd just like 3-4" to get to 70" at home on the season. We've had a couple good events up here where literally everyone else was pouring rain, so it comes and goes. At least we aren't getting whiffed AND rained on, lol.
  12. It really is amazing the amount of large SNE coastal bombs lately. It's like run of the mill 6-12" nor'easters have gone out of style...and now you guys get nothing for half a winter followed by a HECS or two.
  13. And sometimes it's off...it has Montpelier with an 8 and 8, implying 16-20" in north-central VT with this system lol.
  14. Haha his true wet dream is a localized 40" for him and no snow anywhere else.
  15. Yeah I'm just posting various data. That would be an epic bust for ALY's CWA, where they have 10-14" for ALB and two feet in the Berks.
  16. Yeah I really like SE Mass now. I'd really love to be down on the coast just south of Boston. Almost all models have bands continuing there through the day tomorrow in a more organized fashion than anywhere else. The snow/wind/wave combo should be hard to beat south of Boston. I should've gone to crash at Tim Kelly's place haha.
  17. Sorry Ginxy...that's a shame. I didn't realize the museum was casino owned. Will they be open full time in the summer? More time to ski though?
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