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  1. 4 minutes ago, PhineasC said:

    Some high clouds around but nothing major. A little breezy as usual.

    Those high clouds can definitely ruin radiational cooling.  Looks like HIE has stalled dropping for the past 60-90 minutes as the ASOS started reporting FEW/SCT aloft above 10,000ft.

    Its crazy but even 10-15,000ft clouds will halt it.

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  2. 5 minutes ago, PhineasC said:

    Still 37 here. Temp is stuck as usual. We will see what happens overnight but it doesn't have the feel to me of a night that drops all that much. Freeze may have to wait here.

    Clouds?  I see the higher/mixed spots over in the Greens are also liking that 37F temp in the 1,000-1,800ft band.

    Some mid-level clouds moving through NY state and into VT might halt it.  The dew points below freezing this afternoon and the summits below freezing indicate the potential is there.  Still quite early in the evening.

  3. 12 minutes ago, Redmorninglight said:

    About 20 minutes WNW of Warrensburgh, 30 minutes due south of Gore. It’s not a done deal yet, but hoping to close on the property within 2 weeks. Lots of work to do on the old house, but there is a cool little cottage as well. It’s all off the grid with solar. 

    That’s awesome.  That area does great in a lot of synoptic events, any southerly orientation to the wind you’ll see the QPF maps light it up there.  SE or SW you often see this max to the north of the Mohawk Valley the entire length of the southern Adirondacks.  Good CAD in those elevated hollows that seem frequent in that area… like 1000-2000ft “valleys”.

  4. 13 minutes ago, #NoPoles said:

    Probably going to get our first hard freeze tonight 

    Yeah looks like a more widespread freeze tonight.  Temps already 34-39F over a wide area and dews at the ASOS stations were 28-32F this afternoon.  If radiational conditions persist all night most spots will be in the 20s tomorrow morning.

    I saw BML and HIE had the lowest afternoon dew points so if it stays clear I’d assume they could do mid/upper 20s with ease?

    Locally already some calm 34s showing up west and east of Mansfield in Underhill and Stowe.


  5. 50 minutes ago, Redmorninglight said:

    Thanks klw.  I’m one county south of that map, but if Newcomb gets between 100-125 at 1600’ elevation I figure I can count on something similar being a bit south but 200-400’ higher. I’m very close to Garnet Lake and Crane Mountain. 

    How far from Warrensburg?  I grew up skiing at Gore and spent a lot of time in that area through high school as a budding snow weenie.  If you are near 2,000ft, it’s plenty cold and snowy to have good snowpack on the ground all winter.  CAD spot there in the upper Hudson River and eastern Adirondacks.  It stays cold in those nooks.

  6. 44 minutes ago, tamarack said:

    Huh?  I think you're a year off.  Five years ago we were heading into 2016-17 and my 127.5" is #3 of 23 snow seasons here.  Had 21" storms in Dec and Feb plus the Pi-Day blizzard.  Did it stink farther west?

    That was a monster winter. 375” at 3,000ft.  The most snow at the High Road plot during my time here.  It didn’t seem *as* great down in town but the hill just snowed and snowed.  Like 100+” in 3 weeks all in pure champagne powder during late Jan to mid Feb I think.  

  7. 3 hours ago, PhineasC said:

    For here:

    17-18 - 190.5"

    14-15 - 174.7"

    10-11 - 240.9" !!!

    No ratters there, obviously. I don't have data for 07 - 08.


    2010-2011 is my personal favorite winter since I’ve been up north.  Upslope and synoptic.  Most of the synoptic snows seemed to trend better and better as storms got closer.  What would look like suppression depression would be a foot in the last 36 hours of runs.

    The N/W trend was real that winter.  And there were some monster upslope storms of several feet.

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  8. 29 minutes ago, J.Spin said:

    This freeze really seemed to happen without much warning – no thanks to the main October discussion thread of course, with the heat obsession dominating the conversation.  It’s also past the end of growing season, so the BTV NWS didn’t have any frost/freeze alerts up.  The calls for no snow or freezes through the entirety month really were horrible though, since we’ve now had both, with another week to go. 

    You know it’s a decent freeze in the area though if we get down to 30F at our location, since the warmth of the river and the fog usually protect us for a while.

    It looks like the next chance for flakes is actually tomorrow night into Monday per the Mansfield point forecast:


    Yeah last night was not modeled or forecast well.  It got colder than expected by a good 5-7F in a lot of spots.

    First map is the forecast and second map is 6am temps (actual minimums likely a tick cooler):



  9. 3 hours ago, Angus said:

    my 5 day pack at Boyne are any day of my choosing. I'm assuming I need to specify a day to purchase a $69 ticket in advance right now? I use to buy the SBush 4 pack but seemed to never use all 4 tickets. East coast conditions are too variable. 

    Ahhh no you don’t have to pick a date.  Good any time.

    The Epic Day passes can be used anytime… which frankly is terrifying but it’s a good deal.  Can get 4 days (any date non-holiday) to Vail Resort Mtns for $65 a day.  $33 per kid ticket.

    1-day is $69 and it drops per day from there.  Don’t need to pick dates.




  10. 23 minutes ago, CoastalWx said:

    Well definitely right near those areas...but even at Winni, you go 5+ miles outside the lake and it's "you got a perrty mouth" type stuff. 

    You think it’s much different at times here, lol?  How many go north of Stowe?  Or east over the range to Worecester?  Morrisville? Lol.  I think that can be said for most neighboring towns of tourist areas.

    Its not true but it is… plenty of upscale folks in those towns (I’d live there) but you also find other areas that you don’t see in the brochures.

  11. 8 minutes ago, PhineasC said:

    I can't comment on Mass, but my spot actually has more stores and restaurants within close distance than my MD house, which is in a complete cultural wasteland. Nothing but fast food and chains with zero soul. My wife was very pleasantly surprised to learn that.

    If I was up in Colebrook or someplace like that I could definitely see getting some cabin fever. It's a really depressed area up there.

    I always laugh when people insinuate being in NNE in the middle of no where.  I know I can walk to a larger variety of restaurants, bars, breweries, stores, nightlife than almost anyone out there.  My sister from NYC says there’s more close variety than even where she is… but her options explode past a certain walking time frame.

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  12. 8 minutes ago, eduggs said:

    30 years ago that area was probably a secret powder skiing heaven, but now the word is definitely out. Covid messed up my plans to finally visit. There's a lot to like about Japan. Interesting culture for sure. And there are certainly a lot of fascinating geological and meteorological phenomena. 

    Word is certainly out.  It’s a huge destination now, all of the areas.  But with that comes economic possibilities and jobs.

    So many of of the villages are just insane looking for winter weather loving crowd.

    Even the ability to just spend a couple seasons there would be incredible.  I won’t lie I’ve looked, theres a lot of demand for English speaking labor force at all levels due to the sharp influx in tourists from those countries.

    I’d go even just to live at a subsistence level and enjoy the snowfall and culture for a whole winter.  The experience would be worth so much to look back on when older.



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