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  1. I really enjoy this thread as there is a ton of very good posters. U guys provide a lot of useful info. I have a question for you all. What’s your best guess for seeing youth sports return like soccer?
  2. Post #26 powder. I rather discuss sports. With 2 kids in travel sports I do not have time to be on here much. Nor do I know more about the weather then most on here. I don’t even get much into politics to be honest. I think it’s funny how people on here are so smart and know everything. They should run for president and see how easy it is. No administration would have handled this pandemic well. I don’t like everything trump does or says. But if u want any chance of the economy recovering quickly. People better hope trump wins. The market will drop like a rock if Biden wins. I would vote for my 13 year old cat before Biden. At least my cat can eat by it self.
  3. JM. Maybe u should start lurking.
  4. Hey jm1220. Biden can’t run a zoom chat. Let alone a country. Good luck with that. I’m sure things will go well with Biden running the country from his basement. Maybe Biden is snowboy19? Lol
  5. I’m not the biggest Trump fan but eduggs do u realize Trump was criticized by Biden and the WHO when he put the travel ban in? How much earlier did u people expect our government to act? Once again this situation got out of control because China tried to cover it up. Bottom line....God help this country if sleepy wins this fall.
  6. If Trump is unfit. Biden isn’t? Or will he have his wife with him at every interview or briefing to “maybe” get through it.
  7. Nobody will have anything to complain about after Biden wins this fall. Because if something like this happens when he is in office. It will take him forever to get 3 sentences out. We will all be dead by the time he finishes his statement
  8. jhotdog

    COVID-19 Talk

    I’m not saying we have handled this situation well at all. But if you really think those numbers for China are accurate you all are crazy. There is no doubt that there cases and deaths as of now are much higher then ours.
  9. Stupid phone. When will the best banding hit north and west of philly?
  10. I'm in souderton and it just started ripping here. Ice and Ralph and all really appreciate the time you guys put into this forum. We all truly appreciate it.
  11. Thanks. So it's looks like the storm is somewhat slower to get going. Does that mean it will go later tonight now?
  12. Hey Ralph when is the heaviest supposed to start and roughly end? Thanks
  13. I'm in upper montco. It's been raking here since 11am. No let up