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  1. Ralph…I’m in Souderton and it’s changing to snow now. No way u won’t change well before 11am.
  2. 2.25 from today. Did pretty good this morning.
  3. Hope u guys are right about the heavy stuff moving northwest. Cause this light stuff isn’t going to add up fast for Redsky and myself. 3.25 including earlier stuff.
  4. Ralph u happy with the radar? I’m worried we never see the heavy returns making it to us.
  5. Any thoughts on when the harder stuff will be moving into bucks and Montco guys?
  6. Getting light snow right now in Souderton. Is this from the coastal already?
  7. I guess your walking to get your whopper Ralph?
  8. Everything is covered in Souderton. 24 degrees. Light snow
  9. Look at the moisture coming at us from the gulf. What a shame.
  10. Look at the moisture coming out of the gulf coming right at us. This site should be rocking right now. Instead 90% is rain. WTF
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