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  1. March 13-14 Storm Observations

    Light snow has started in Souderton
  2. Dec 17-18 Front End Snow/Ice/Rain Event

    I'm in Souderton which is in eastern pa. Dusting on cars. snow has started.
  3. Front End Thump Event 12-17 / 12-18

    I'm in Souderton guys. Light dusting on the cars. It has started
  4. it's pouring snow here in Souderton.
  5. Ralph I'm in Souderton and sleet is mixed in up here. i'm around 14".
  6. January 22-23 Storm Threat

    Love reading your info guys. Light snow has started in Souderton about 5 minutes ago.
  7. Snowing really good in Souderton now.