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  1. What else is he doing? Isn't his nob to check the latest runs?

    Getting ready for the on-air segment? If he calls for rain and it snows, people aren't too pissed (worst is "wow- what a surprise- they weren't even calling for this!". If he calls for snow and it rains, people remember ("they were totally wrong on this what shall I do with these 292 rolls of toilet paper and nineteen gallons of milk I bought for the 4 inches of snow on the way?!?"). Just my opinion...

  2. Dang. NBC chuck bell bullish for a rainstorm...his futurecast showed heavy rain all the way back into wva on wed.

    What's the dang? He's looking at the same information we are- but probably didn't have time to check the latest runs as we do...

  3. I think the "west" trend on the NAM is done, but I do think it will trend north a bit more. Models are all converging on a solution pretty close to the 12z Euro/UKMET solution. The ensembles have been pretty close to that solution for days now and have handled this consistently and well overall. The good news is that the euro has been running warm lately so the track and precip of the euro with a 1.5 degree adjustment downward gives a really nice result.

    1-1.5 degrees... Celsius? :-) :-)

  4. So how badly am I goosed here in Annapolis?

    Each degree makes a HUGE difference. I don't think you should assume you are screwed, rather just you have a higher chance of being screwed than points west. 3-4 degree shift, which certainly happens somewhat often, gives you snow...?

  5. My car conked out in the middle of the highway this morning. Thank God there was traffic. It was 8 degrees at the time, and I got it working again eventually and was able to pull over.. scary stuff.

    Moral of the story: this cold better not be wasted.