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  1. 9 minutes ago, psuhoffman said:

    I adjusted some of the totals a little...this is my current thinking.  I think during the heaviest precip it will mix out the warm layer just enough to do better then the doomsday scenario on some of the high res guidance.  Ratios will be low but it will be puking precipitation so even if its a 50/50 snow/sleet mix it will accumulate a decent amount.  I also think these gulf systems with true cold air in place tend to run on the wet side of guidance.  


    My thinking here:

    1. Who posted this ridiculous call?

    2. Wait, it's PSUHoffman?  What the hell happened since I checked 30 minutes ago? 

    3. :::reads the key:::

    4. Back to doomcasting the NAM

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  2. 22 minutes ago, shoshanaz said:

    >1.25" accumulation (measured about 10 pm), 27F and snowing at a good rate.  Just inside the Baltimore city line near Greenspring Ave. 


    Lol my parents and siblings live within a block of here. Always can tell what’s city and county based on how cleaned up the roads are after snow  

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  3. I have a tendency to randomly miss out on the best snows of the season because of previously planned travel. Rough streak. 


    Anyway I’m traveling to San Francisco Jan. 10-15, booked in October and thought “watch I’ll miss the best DC storm of the year.” Enjoy, lol 

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  4. 8 minutes ago, nj2va said:

    Just saw a random flurry or two.  9 days of tracking worth it!

    The reason I need to see something is all this tracking 


    Going to be a high hour tracking per flake  seen ratio 

  5. Not that it wasn’t expected, but still pretty in awe of this cutoff. Can jump in a car and drive ten fifteen minutes to see flurries, twenty minutes to see a coating, thirty minutes and see an inch of two (and within a bit more a nice snowstorm). 

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