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  1. Do you resist shedding light and just nod?

    So I just met half these people, and I'm introduced by friends as here from harvard law school. Anyway, I said "you do realize this could be the biggest storm in your lifetime in baltimore" and felt more pretentious than I ever have...

  2. Tony Pann gave an update this afternoon on facebook saying that he thinks this storm doesnt crack top 10 for Baltimore which would be 18". He replied to someone saying the GFS is bonkers because of high qpf but every model pretry much has BWI around 2.0" qpf. I think he has another hunch like when he thought yesterdays 12z Euro would show something drastically different.

    I've been pretty disappointed with him this storm. He hasn't had any "hunches" or insight that have actually come true. Usually he's one of the better ones, despite the RPM reliance.