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  1. I'm in law school up here but heading home to Pikesville tomorrow for this. My baby sister (senior in HS) is asking me if there's "any chance at all" that school will be closed Friday or Monday. Oh man, if any of this pans out I would be surprised if they have school any day at all next week.

  2. A few thoughts from a lurker...

    1. Each model run is more important than the last.  When the latest run of the best model out there makes a shift, you should take notice and not just assume it is some sort of blip.
    2. Watching the storms over the years, they typically do tend to shift to the NW as the vent draws near.  This winter, however, is not a typical winter and with the strong confluence to the north that is far from a guarantee.

    My $.02

    This makes sense, but we've seen a shift NW (in the limited instances we've seen dynamic systems) this winter as well.

  3.  FOLKS  if   you BUY the   0Z  OP gfs    and   you accept  the  r/s line getting into   DC  BWI  then    WHY   are  folks using   15 to 1  snow ratio   whene the ratio is far more likely to be  7  to 1?

    Won't the ratio be 7-1 (or less if sleet) only for a short period of time, with average (10:1) ratios at start and above average ratios for the final 12-18 hours with high rates at times..?