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  1. So do we have any time frames for the heavy stuff? It seems that the spread, at least by the TV mets, is from early afternoon to "after nightfall". Personally I'm thinking a few hours before sunset in the DC area. Thoughts?

  2. I'm really not sure what to think. Pretty much all the models look great- both on temp when precip falls and on the precip itself. The setup is mostly there with a few exceptions....

    But LWX hasn't put me under a watch yet!!!

    (just kidding)

  3. Weather Channel has all rain for me in DC...

    Weather channel is generally 12-18 hours behind any forecast updates... I remember as a kid some massive storms coming but in the last 36 hours trended away from us or turned too warm... so I would turn to the Weather Channel to see an outdated forecast and give me hope. weight_lift.gif

  4. Hey im new to this sight but have been watching the discussion the last couple days.... i live in the central part of delaware wondering if any one had an idea what was going to happen in those parts

    If you've read the thread, you'd see nobody has a good idea of what will happen anywhere yet. It could be heavy precip or just moderate; it could rain or could snow.... Way too early for those kinds of questions, weather channel is what you should look at lol

  5. I think its pretty much a lock that most of us should be under watches in about 3 hours...I hope we can put the brakes on any trending one way or the other at this point...I'm not trying to be greedy and shoot for the stars here. We're already at a perfect thread the needle scenario.

    I hope nobody starts cliff jumping when the models do the inevitable QPF cut backs...we

    should all be well versed in the drill....I was saying 2 to 4 earlier, but I think 3 to 6 is reasonable and more than any of us could have hoped for even 12 hours ago.

    I love how 3-6 is like cautious at this point lol... Wow how things have changed.

  6. Another consideration with this wet snow is the ratios. 10-1 would be a pipedream, even 8-1 too high. What you would likely see is heavy, wet large conglomerated flakes that melt early on then accumulate and compact into a wet, moisture laden snow. 6-1 would probably be a realistic snow ratio. 5-7" would be a high end threat even with the crazy NAM, 2-4/3-5" is a realistic threat as is verbatim.

    Very true. For those of us wondering about missing school/work (I have a serious case of jet lag I can't overcome with my schedule, and UMD started today...), wet snow is wonderful though for closing things :).