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  1. A word abut messenger. He tells people what they don't want to hear but more often than not he's right. He is among the 2 posters who called the famous positive bust of 1/25/00. But more importantly he knows his stuff. Remember his call that after 1/20 things would rock? Steadfastedly held to that and voila...rock we have!

    So if you don't like what he says out him on ignore. Isn't everyone experienced enough to ferret out information and make their own call?

    As someone new to this sub-board, I think that's fair, but I also think some of the posts (by him and a few others) earlier this afternoon were condescending, obnoxious, and rather unnecessary. He knows his stuff, way better than me and probably way better than 99% of people here, but still possible to straddle the jerk line category.