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  1. 19 “ in Denville nj
  2. nick5892

    Jan 4th 2018 Fish Bomb

    Moved to denville nj this year. I think we can do a bit better than that. We shall see
  3. Update. Oh my goodness it just started ripping snow and it has not stopped since then. I honestly estimate 6 inches in the past 2 hours. It is INSANE. This is once in a lifetime folks.
  4. I'm IN that death band. Guys. This is incredible. It's a blizzard. That's the only way to describe it. After all the sleepless nights and anxiety I could cry. I'm the happiest man alive. I can't see more than 150 feet away. Heavy heavy snow. Up to 16 " here.
  5. nick5892

    3/4-5/2015 Storm Observations

    Definitely worried about some power outages. The power flicked on and off twice this morning. Probably from the ice from yesterday and heavy wet snow after.
  6. nick5892

    3/4-5/2015 Storm Observations

    I'm at 36 so I think you're ok dude
  7. nick5892

    3/4 - 3/5 Post-Frontal Snow Chance

    So many people jump on you when you're just telling them what the model shows not personally telling them that it's going to happen. It's incredibly irritating. Facepalm people.
  8. nick5892

    3/1-3/2 Winter Storm OBS Thread

    Really coming down here now. Were at about 3 inches with mod snow currently
  9. nick5892

    February 14-15 2015 Storm Observations

    Mod snow here. Coating on everything.
  10. Dang this is close for me. Funny how a few days ago we were all rooting this thing north and now were begging it to go south
  11. Actually a pretty heavy band moving through right now. Pathetically enough this is heavier than anything we got from the coastal the other day.
  12. nick5892

    1/29 CLIPPER OBS

    Moderate snow. Dusting
  13. I always laugh when there's posts like " if This storm busts I am taking a break for a week (Month, end of winter, ....) when we allllllll know you just can't simple stop. Let's get real people. You're back on here the same day looking for more snow chances.