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  1. Burrell, you nailed it brother! Only you and believe it or not the WC had heavy snow on the upstate overnight. WC had 5-8 inches by morning in Six Mile... First thing this morning we had 8 inches on the ground! Starting to snow hard again!
  2. Lookout, HRRR nailed it here in upstate sc. We had 8 inches of snow early then freezing rain & sleet since about 8am now heavy sleet really gusty winds and more snow this afternoon. Even Weather Channel nailed it here they had 5-8 inches of snow by morning while NWS dropped totals to 1-3 last evening for entire event. They originally had 8+ here not sure why they changed when most of models were coming in colder last night. How much more snow are you thinking this afternoon when ULL comes through?
  3. Yeah I was surprised with Chris Justus but, understand after 2014 when he was forecasting 12-14 inches of snow. And we only got 2 inches of slop and he received death threats afterwards.
  4. Burrell you are the man! 8 inches of snow and now heavy sleet in northern Six Mile. NWS blew it again this way!!!
  5. Hey Eyewall, Sorry for what your going through. I will keep you and your friends going through these tough times in my thoughts and prayers!!
  6. Totally agree! I would add Fox 21 along with brad panovich in NC. I like Chris and also Cedric think they did a great job with this system.
  7. You should apply for the weekend weather person at WYFF since Dale Gilbert retired. Been on here for a while and whenever the Upstate has a chance at winter weather, look forward to your input! Excellent point many mets had to see the potential but chose not even to mention.
  8. Great Job yesterday Burrel!!! Not sure if you watched it last night it was so funny watching KK on Fox making up excuse after excuse for their busted forecast. Kept going on and on about the warm nose this and the warm nose that.... Actually going outside in between live shots to come back and say just like I told you the mix has already started said she saw rain mixing in outside. Then the other met I think he name is Bob said well I see nothing but snowflakes coming down. It was hilarious.. LOL...Great Job as usual Burrel!!!
  9. Ended up close to 4 inches just south of hwy. 11 in pickens county SC. It was a beautiful snow last night!!
  10. House shook for about 10 seconds back and forth for a little after 8 this morning. i live in Upstate SC. Never experienced one that strong before!
  11. Yup...the duke power (glowing green) bubble usually gets us here in the western upstate alot of times. We usually do OK when cold air settles in a day or so before but, that damn warm air bubble... it pretty much parks itself right in this area in a set up like this one! Hopefully Burrell is onto something with the HRRR....
  12. Wow...Nowcasting was awesome on 2/8 here in NW Upstate SC. We ended up with 4 inches of snow that wasn't forecast, exceeded winter storm warning criteria. Also, the weekend before that we had about 4 to 5 hours of snow (Cashiers NC had 3-4 inches with no advisory or warnings that same day) that just gave us a dusting in places again that was not forecast and the local weather folks on fox 21 were live on tv while it was snowing in total disbelief it was happening and said a few times the models weren't showing this happening. Cannot wait for this one!!
  13. The NAM never swayed and nailed it here in Upstate SC and N GA on 2-8 and the week before that when we had a surprise snow for 3 or 4 hours here and 3 to 4 inches in the Cashiers NC area. Other models eventually caught on but, it was the NAM leading the way. Agree in there is no way I would dismiss the NAM at this point.
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