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  1. Those bands are coming down from hudson valley into NJ. Its not over... but how much more remains to be seen.
  2. Been snowing good here 12 miles west of nyc in Bloomfield past couple hours. Its only 3:30, this keeps up..easy 4-8 no problem maybe more
  3. Im 12 miles due west of NYC and its SNOW!! look out....
  4. Its a wee bit early for a death band to start setting up shop! Just hope for a quick changeover!
  5. Yes same thing for Sayreville. Bloomfield is still an advisory for 2-4 but Im thinking thats going to change. Im heading up there into work soon. May the snow gods bless us all with white gold!
  6. Actually most of the time, those bands remain stationary and pound until they snow themselves out. Rarely do they move much...
  7. Or they end up east of NYC over long island into Connecticut...
  8. Those bands tend to actually favor a little more east in NJ.. just west of NYC
  9. that baby is still juiced! 8-10 all of northern jersey. looks great
  10. 34 here in South Amboy on the Raritan bay. It feels like snow!
  11. and I'll take that RGEM map any day of the week!! lol
  12. its not a matter of relying on it, its understanding that someone will get it and there is subsidence on the outsides. its just a matter of not knowing exactly where it will set up shop until its game time and the short range models come into play. there is always happy campers...and heartache in every storm.