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  1. Cold chasing moisture rarely pans out, but it makes for fun model watching 54 hours out.
  2. Thanks for the response and the link. Yes, I assume the variations are driven by elevation change.
  3. Sorry for another intrusion from a SE forum member. Going to Grand Targhee next week and want to know if there's a place the group here would recommend looking for the best forecast for the mountain itself. As one would expect, I'm seeing wildly different forecasts for Mon-Thurs of next week. I expect conditions to be great, but just curious that their website is showing 46/29 for Monday 4/1 while their app shows 34/29 and snow. Could be as simple as one is for the base and one for the summit, but hoping someone here has figured that out for this resort before. Thanks.
  4. Yep. School buses stranded on icy roads would be closer to a disaster. This was just liberal use of one of the three days that Atlanta Public Schools built into the calendar.
  5. Atlanta Public School texts have gone out to parents that school is cancelled tomorrow. Looks like their twitter feed has been updated. Like you said, they have a couple days built into the schedule, so might as well use it if there is uncertainty. They would much prefer the embarrassment from cancelling for a rain storm than the pain of having school get out when roads are already in bad shape.
  6. FFC reduced their totals slightly this morning for Atlanta proper.
  7. Yep. Still plenty of time for that to end up almost all rain of course.
  8. If it ends up 200 miles north, I'd say by definition it didn't verify.
  9. If Atlanta is going to get a storm next week, you can bet that it will be at the absolute worst time to make Super Bowl weekend an absolute mess.
  10. 180 Hrs out - ATL could get 5+ more inches.
  11. Haven't seen much discussion of N GA based on the overnight runs. Is ATL pretty much out of the woods as far as significant ice? I'm guessing maybe a dusting on Monday on the back end might happen, but nothing more?
  12. And apparently Chattanooga is in the Central Time Zone now.
  13. Yes, light rain in Midtown Atlanta since about 10:30 am.
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