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    January 29-30, 2019 Arctic FROPA

    Rain, very few sleet pellets. No flakes, 37.6° 4 mi South of Alexandria. Maybe better here tonight than other areas of the region?
  2. bsperlin

    January 12-13th Cold Smoke Obs and Nowcast

    It's been drizzling for more than an hour, not a lot of accumulation. Not measured with the ice, but we may have gotten to 7" before it all started getting compressed. 4 mi South of Alexandria.
  3. bsperlin

    January 12-13th Cold Smoke Obs and Nowcast

    4.75" on top of car, 4 mi S of Alexandria at 8:45 am. Almost no addition since then.
  4. bsperlin

    January Med/Long Range Disco Part 2

    Thanks, we need more dynamic analyses here, rather than quoting a variety of model runs. This is the type of thinking I can learn from!
  5. bsperlin

    President's Day Storm Obs & Nowcasting

    4 1/2" on top of my car at 11 AM. There seemed to be some sleet mixing in during the next hour when I shoveled. As of 12:30 now the visible snow has almost completely stopped so it's probably all light sleet now. 10 mi S of DC.
  6. Report from the SnowHole 10 mi S of DC about 5:45: 16"-18" on multiple measurements on my flat driveway, away from the cars and using my super-scientific wooden yardstick with painted 1/8" gradations. I've lived here 40 years and 18", my previous record, still stands. Still snowing though so there is hope!
  7. Reporting from the snow-hole of the mid-Atlantic: first flakes at 12:57.
  8. Well, if the reflections to our east, NW and N are virga then ... I'm reporting that there's not even virga over us in that snow-hole.(and no flakes at the instant that I'm writing this line.
  9. Looking at the Weathertap radar from LWX, Fairfax County is in a clear snow-hole with snow showing up in every direction, including north of DC. So far not a flake, 10 mi south of National Airport.
  10. bsperlin

    March 5th Storm Obs/Nowcasting

    1.5", 32.9 deg, most intense snow of morning, still slushy roads 10 mi south of National Airport in the snow hole
  11. bsperlin

    February 16th-17th Obs & Nowcasting

    For the record: 4 3/4" in Hybla Valley, 4 mi south of Alexandria Beltway I told a neighbor who asks me about weather all the time that 8" were coming. I bought into the qpf maps. Next: I'll take the above advice and shave off 25%!
  12. In '94 I was watching the temps in the teens (here in southern Fairfax Co.) and wondering how it could be raining so hard and for so long. I was sure that the rain was going to just flow away and wouldn't build up very thickly as ice but it built up to be inches thick and I couldn't even walk in my yard. It lasted for a long time and school was out for almost 2 weeks. The neighborhood looked snow covered but we didn't have any snow and I don't really remember any sleet here, etither.