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  1. Mattie g's version of vice versa is funnier than the actual "vice versa" version, which would be the macabre: The densest population areas live in the highest concentration of posters.
  2. Visited friends in West Springfield yesterday with a full bloom of early hellebores. Here, 10 mi south of National Airport, my hellebores come out in March. Now I have some shoots of something (Paperwhites?) that are 5" tall, a lot of daffodil and crocus shoots, toad lily leaves, strong sedum pips, and some small fall crocus shoots. No snow drops yet. History says that the very cold weather to come will kill all the above-ground vegetation, but maybe we'll be lucky this year.
  3. Rain, very few sleet pellets. No flakes, 37.6° 4 mi South of Alexandria. Maybe better here tonight than other areas of the region?
  4. It's been drizzling for more than an hour, not a lot of accumulation. Not measured with the ice, but we may have gotten to 7" before it all started getting compressed. 4 mi South of Alexandria.
  5. 4.75" on top of car, 4 mi S of Alexandria at 8:45 am. Almost no addition since then.
  6. Thanks, we need more dynamic analyses here, rather than quoting a variety of model runs. This is the type of thinking I can learn from!
  7. 4 1/2" on top of my car at 11 AM. There seemed to be some sleet mixing in during the next hour when I shoveled. As of 12:30 now the visible snow has almost completely stopped so it's probably all light sleet now. 10 mi S of DC.
  8. Report from the SnowHole 10 mi S of DC about 5:45: 16"-18" on multiple measurements on my flat driveway, away from the cars and using my super-scientific wooden yardstick with painted 1/8" gradations. I've lived here 40 years and 18", my previous record, still stands. Still snowing though so there is hope!
  9. Reporting from the snow-hole of the mid-Atlantic: first flakes at 12:57.
  10. Well, if the reflections to our east, NW and N are virga then ... I'm reporting that there's not even virga over us in that snow-hole.(and no flakes at the instant that I'm writing this line.
  11. Looking at the Weathertap radar from LWX, Fairfax County is in a clear snow-hole with snow showing up in every direction, including north of DC. So far not a flake, 10 mi south of National Airport.
  12. 1.5", 32.9 deg, most intense snow of morning, still slushy roads 10 mi south of National Airport in the snow hole
  13. For the record: 4 3/4" in Hybla Valley, 4 mi south of Alexandria Beltway I told a neighbor who asks me about weather all the time that 8" were coming. I bought into the qpf maps. Next: I'll take the above advice and shave off 25%!