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  1. F***. Just...f***. Wilkes-Barre has had enough issues from man-made s***, a natural disaster is the last thing needed there. Ugh. I've been worried it'd be the Susquehanna bursting through the levees for years, never thought a tornado would be the one...
  2. Lot of sirens going off here. We are near to a hospital but it seems a lot more than usual.
  3. City and NJ going to see a temp drop soon with that line of storms.
  4. My roommate back at the apt just confirmed 6" along the Grand Concourse.
  5. Might take the middle ground of Feen and Zucker and call it 5.5", though hopefully my friend wakes up soon and can give me a number. We've got about 3" in Kensington.
  6. Dumping now in Kensington BK but naturally I missed the one where the BX gets jackpotted.
  7. From 8" of snow yesterday to nearly 50 and sunny today. Spring!
  8. With over 40" now in the bank, I think I'm ready to call it a winter. It's Spring, officially, anyway.
  9. I'm calling it 7.8" in this corner. Could still have a shot at 10" if a good band comes through.
  10. 7". SECS and maybe MECS under 3/21-22 standards, but still a "what could've been" event again unless something changes.
  11. I'm of course in the one part of the city that's missing out. FML.
  12. Despite the good returns, snow has diminished here to basically snow showers.