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  1. EWR and JFK now mostly cloudy. That cloud deck will probably kill any shot at 100.
  2. 83/66 approaching midnight. Going to be a long night...hope the A/C can stay functioning.
  3. Dews creeping up..from 57 this afternoon to 64 now. Temp still at 90.
  4. The Park is a joke when it comes to temp because the ASOS is surrounded by grass and plants.
  5. Off to the races...
  6. It's doable, especially the further inland you are.
  7. 88/65/91 in Midtown, headed back up to the Bx now.
  8. As of 6z, the NAM dropped the deep westward extent of the sea breeze for Sunday.
  9. Was trying to walk from 155th down to midtown...gave up at 103rd when the skies opened yet again.
  10. Temp 98, Td 70 on Sunday, you can go ahead and shoot me now.
  11. After an EF2 just hit my hometown, I'm going to be careful what I wish for.
  12. Most of the stores in W-B Township close at 8 or 9pm. The timing (touchdown was after 10pm) was a big life-saver.