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  1. CarverWX

    August 2019 Discussion

    Nice little rain maker just passed by with some thunder and lightning.
  2. CarverWX

    NE snow event March 4th

    GFS still gives hope down here. Until it takes it away
  3. CarverWX

    Midweek event, Yah or Nah? February 27-28th Clipper

    4.5 with mood snow still falling.
  4. CarverWX

    February 12th-14 Redeveloper Nowcast/Obs

    29 sleet
  5. CarverWX

    February 12th-14 Redeveloper Nowcast/Obs

    28 sleet with flakes mixed in.
  6. CarverWX

    February 12th-14 Redeveloper Nowcast/Obs

    All sleet now
  7. CarverWX

    February 12th-14 Redeveloper Nowcast/Obs

    Mod snow falling 27
  8. CarverWX

    1/29-1/30 obs

    WTF!!! the south shore can't even buy a snow squall. F this winter I hope we have a warm March and go right into summer.
  9. CarverWX

    The 2018-2019 Ski Season Thread

    So glad I planned a trip for this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Looks like conditions go from soft and sweet to icy and hard.
  10. CarverWX

    Super, Duper SWFE

    Is there a chance we get some back end ice?
  11. CarverWX

    Super, Duper SWFE

    Looks like the front is near brockton. They are sitting at 33
  12. CarverWX

    Super, Duper SWFE

    4-5pm still timing for the cold to return?
  13. CarverWX

    Super, Duper SWFE

    25. very light snow.
  14. CarverWX

    Super, Duper SWFE

    You would never know it's going to hit 50 tomorrow down here. Its been snowing lightly all day and everything has a nice coating including the roads.
  15. CarverWX

    Winter Begins Jan 20th AWT

    Just got out of my son's basketball game and we have some light snow falling here