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  1. 93% of Carver,MA without power
  2. Jose is getting angry down here. Just lost power for 20 min.
  3. off and on light snow in Brockton
  4. Snowing in Brockton!
  5. If thats right we are looking at a 6-12" for EMA
  6. Does the rain snow line come back south later?
  7. raining hard. The wind is really not that bad here.
  8. sleet/rain now.
  9. sleet was mixing in then switched back to huge flakes
  10. Wind is starting to pick up and the trees are bending.
  11. Still all snow here
  12. still pounding here
  13. Do we get some rain and then dry slot? or do we rain all of our snow away?
  14. Sliver dollars falling. Just awesome!
  15. Pounding here now. Snow is sticking to everything. Should be fun with the wind later and weight of snow in the trees.