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  1. 1.5 round 1 and currently at 4.25 for round 2 and still staking up.
  2. Finally all snow. Hopefully those bands keep coming from the east now
  3. All this qpf wasted as rain. Still sitting at 39. Guess that's the way it goes when its only 12/2.
  4. When do we start to cool off? It currently pouring in Brockton.
  5. Looks like KPYM's max gust was 52 at 1:52am
  6. Powers out at my house, Schools open and we have internet.
  7. Is this it for the rain or will we see some more tomorrow and Saturday?
  8. Getting a little worried about the 10-15 mph wind gust's. LOL
  9. Nice little rain maker just passed by with some thunder and lightning.
  10. GFS still gives hope down here. Until it takes it away