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  1. My 10 year old gets up at 5-5:30am no mater what. My 7 year old likes his sleep so i don't have to worry about him.
  2. Yeah, I am almost ready to set my alarm for 4 just to see it.
  3. This is starting to look good down here.
  4. Can't wait for the snow. Heading up to Bridgeton tomorrow. Skiing Sunday river Thursday and wildcat Friday
  5. Heading to Sunday River next Thursday and WildCat on Friday. Hoping I get lucky with a powder day.
  6. Drinking a switchback and hoping for a surprise. Not to big though. I didn't put the plow on.
  7. This was taken at south shore hospital
  8. 1.5 round 1 and currently at 4.25 for round 2 and still staking up.
  9. Finally all snow. Hopefully those bands keep coming from the east now
  10. All this qpf wasted as rain. Still sitting at 39. Guess that's the way it goes when its only 12/2.