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  1. You amateurs and your first calls. I don't do first, I do final. Eskimo Joe: Undeservedly snowed-in, but still pretty f'n dead. psuhoffman: Deservedly snowed-in Mappy: Probably snowed in, probably harassed. Wmsptwx: Being told to "cram it" after his thirthy-fifth post where he feigns happiness for LSV for "finally cashing in" while reminding everybody that Williamsport only does well when it starts as 4 inches and turns to rain. He is then reminded that he once gave up on a storm and got nine ****ing inches after quitting. NEPA: Teetering on going postal after trip to NYC ruined for snow he doesn't see but NYC gets. MAG: Probably too calm for where he should be considering the fact that he lives in Bellwood and it never snows there. Voyager: Probably at a truck stop. Doing truck stop things. 2001kx: Struggling to find reasons to stay in Clearfield. Mallow: Roasted Sauss: Drunk Canderson: Drunk. Or listening to a radio show from 2009. Or both. AtomixWx: Drunk. Thinking about starting a flame war in the Mid-Atlantic thread. Accidentally doing it in the CPA Banter thread. Snownut: Drunk. And probably praying. Which makes one wonder if God answers drunken prayers... PAWeather: Praying the snow doesn't melt and turn the sinkhole near Palmyra Bowl into Indian Echo Canyon Who was missed?
  2. Thats a gut punch for Wilkes-Barre/Scranton and Altoona/State College. This storm will single-handedly change people's opinions on winter but these folks will only be more jaded. They can't buy a storm.
  3. Need to get that line north of 80 for everybody before we say its a great run.
  4. GIMP is not the preferred nomenclature, "mentally disabled", please.
  5. Wx off topic: Christine Ferreira at WGAL could read a medical journal on the air and I would be relaxed and feel well informed. Great met. She put herself out there this morning saying she's pretty confident that the GAL viewing area sees a foot of snow.
  6. How do you like that, Tolleris? Yeah. Your mother. Your mother likes that, DT.
  7. "Land is a denser network based on satellite info" I have that tattooed across my chest.
  8. Oh crap. It's 2016. Five. Five years ago. This forum was a time machine tonight.
  9. I'd say DT already has but I was being given information from four ****ing years ago lol
  10. Did you really swab all those posts? That kind of stupidity should be archived for future posters to admire. That was a high-water mark in this subforum.
  11. Oh, sweet lightly bearded Jesus, that may be the highlight of this storm.
  12. I'm still holding out hope that they call me in for some action. I'm currently working on a top 5 pound-for-pound snow weenie meltdown and a list of what people listen to while tracking models, according to race.
  13. I dunno, man... this looks too much like the model runs leading up to February 2010 for me to sweat that northern cutoff. I think Horst is onto something here.
  14. I'd be interested in knowing how many model runs we had where the Feb 4, 2010 event went bad before coming back to us. We're 2 model runs in and everybody seems to be heading for the exits...
  15. I've spent the majority of my life just down the other side of Pine Grove Mountain and I can tell you, in my thirty years; significant snows have become increasingly more rare. I won't even begin to speculate why but I was born in 1985 so the first real memory I have of snow is the 1993 superstorm. It seems that around here, you get them very big or not at all. The location of Central Pennsylvania is almost like an ridge and valley desert in that the mountains will kill the lake effect (Huron streamers notwithstanding) and it's just too far for the coastals to really jack up (major storm notwithstanding). Nickle and dime is the name of the game. Central Pennsylvania, true Central Pennsylvania, everything is three yards and a cloud of dust. I'm sorry (I'm assuming) you went to Weather U. and didn't get any weather lol
  16. Should I go against my word and photoshop a headstone for Joe?
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