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  1. 31 minutes ago, dendrite said:

    Looks like the mesolow is offering me up a 2 day screwgie. All of the good rain and convection is in the deep S flow.

    You and me both.  Yesterdays .17" brought me up to 1.70" for the month. Most of that was on 8/8 with .84"  It's raining but I don't expect much.  Looks like you missed almost everything today.

    Glad many in SNE got some real  drought relief.

  2. 5 minutes ago, Typhoon Tip said:

    Looks like the synoptic flow is beginning to win the battle as BKN ( bacon skies as we used to call it...), along with a SW--> NE movement, are vis sat loop aspects pushing toward Rt 2.   The band is shrinking that demarcates the convergence between it, and that barrier jet that set up eastern-CNE this morning. 

    May end up with some sun and furthering destablization here in the interior, after all.  We'll see.  

    Boy...it would have been nice if that "quasi" Miller-B got going just a little sooner late yesterday, because it might have organized a broader swath of drought corrective rains right up eastern NE where it was/is really needed..   Maine got pummeled -

    I have been out this morning and just got home.   The low level Cu were coming from the east/northeast a bit earlier but now the low level flow is backing to the south.  You can really see it on this timelapse from my cam over the past hour or so.  Cam faces SSW.  https://video.nest.com/clip/74d9e0ecfdd94f67b9ea2b98960dd9aa.mp4

    I watched the meso low yesterday.  Heavy rain came right up through the Cape Cod bay.  A bit further west and metro Boston would have gotten pummeled.

    I also just noticed the 12Z GFS pops a hurricane in a few days that heads somewhere Florida or Gulf


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  3. 20 minutes ago, weatherwiz said:

    Rainfall totals around Dallas are nuts. 

    I think about 9" officially as of an hour ago but the highest totals are around 15".   That should help there extreme drought but if the soil is rock hard how much gets down to the roots of trees and plants after an endless amount of 90 to 100 days?   One thing for sure, the drought begets drought can bust pretty quickly.  In our neck of the woods some of the fish in Cape Cod bay are getting pretty soaking wet right now.

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  4. 50 minutes ago, dendrite said:

    Mesos starting to look better for NH

    I just looked at the HRRR and it has zip for us with the first part of the system.  I am going to take under vs over with this.   

  5. I'm glad I am not an on air forecaster for this week.  Just no model consistency.   At least it now seems that the qpf will back in somewhere in New England.

    Here is the 12Z Euro and GFS comparison. Pick your poison. 

    Screenshot 2022-08-15 143439.jpg

  6. 12 minutes ago, HIPPYVALLEY said:

    Nothing to do now but sit back and wait for the shunt East.  

    Not that there has been a lot of model consistency the trend (at least with the GFS) is westward ho.  Now watch the whole thing get cutoff and come in so far SW that SNE just gets some tropical rain showers.

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  7. Lots of watering this summer and some fertilizer has kept my lawn pretty good.  A bit of burn out under the maple tree.  The 1" of rain the other day helped and also being in a cooler climate than SNE.  High temperature this summer was only 91.3F

    8 12 2022.jpg

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  8. Jeez.  I had not looked at weather stuff since yesterday.  At that time it looked like a region wide soaker with just details as to where the heavy rain sets up.  I come back now (without reading all the posts since yesterday) but I just took a quick glance at the 18Z GFS and it has the Stein continuing and getting worse.  Almost no rain through 270 hours.  What a change!

    Screenshot 2022-08-11 184953.jpg

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  9. 51 minutes ago, dendrite said:

    There's yellowing birches here in CON as well. At my place they all seem fine.

    Brian,  I noticed on the drought map you posted, your in the +1 to -1 while just 20 miles to your NNW I'm in -4 to -6.  Hopefully next week New England gets a soak.

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  10. 3 minutes ago, Typhoon Tip said:

    Logan made 98 ... That's prolly gonna do it as they're about 10 minutes away from TCU field with undercutting outflow... Probably a gusty shower too... 

    This stuff wen by here with insidiously dark scary skies that produced 20 mph winds and light sideways rains with gentle thunder.   Weird.

    Sun is out now.  Much cooler... it was 96 prior and it's 78 now.   I mean 78/75 ... but baby steps. 

    I don't know if this is the "official" reading for KBOS.  It shows a high of 98.6F at 17:55.  If that is the case does it go down in the books as a 99F high?

    Screenshot 2022-08-09 141736.jpg

  11. 5 minutes ago, dendrite said:

    Not one rumble of thunder either. Hit a peak rate of 8.35”/hr. 

    And as I type this a rumble rolls in the distance to the E. 

    Came through here.  Couple of rumbles.  .17"   lets see if the VT stuff can add on a bit?

  12. 58 minutes ago, weathafella said:

    98 at Logan.  4 days straight AOA 95 with 2 AOA 98 and a 97 with the “coolest” 95.

    The GFS and Euro has Boston hitting 95F or higher tomorrow and Tuesday.  If that happened it would be 6 days in a row of 95F or higher.  I wonder if that has ever happened?

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