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  1. I'm not sure how accurate my Davis rain gauge is but I just went back and checked.  Assuming Concord NH averages 3.5" of rain per month I have not had an above normal qpf month since last October's  4.89".   I can't say what the qpf for the winter months were but my snowfall was about average.  

  2. 1 minute ago, powderfreak said:

    The problem is think about if you hacked into those systems… you hack an airline’s AI that takes over control and you have some Tom Clancy novel stuff going on.  I think there’s strong resistance to allow a computer or outside entity take over manual controls.  

    I know a fair amount about aviation and it would be very hard to do with a plane all things considered.  It would much easier to do in a  a car than a plane.  Better yet and real easy is to just to put governors (is that the right word) in cars so they couldn't go way over the speed limit but keep police type vehicles able to go faster.  People would balk like crazy of big brother interference. 

    Getting back to weather 12Z GFS coming in is putting down some big rain totals.  I will have image in a couple of minutes.


  3. Easy come easy go?   I really need a 2" soaker for the water table.  Looked great yesterday but wagons south. Looking like it is SNE turn.  I hope it is not one of the years that the mountains get plenty of qpf as SNE comes out of the drought and I get stuck in the middle.

    Newfound Lake had it's lake fog going this morning.  It almost looks like an eddy of wind formed in the lakes basin.  15 second time lapse last couple of hours or so.


  4. Alex, 35.8F.  Your garden gets to live another week.  This will get the swamp maples turning.  It's been a good summer.  First half was perfect then some heat and humidity.  You got much more rain than me but maybe a soak on Monday.


    Almost turned on the heat this morning to make sure the furnace is functioning.  I'm glad I ordered 4 cords of green wood last spring.  Oil and electric have skyrocketed.  Even my electric car doesn't have the big financial edge it had.

    I know people north or me are okay in rainfall.  I'm way down for the year.  Maybe a good soak early next week.  These nickel and dime rainfalls keep the grass green but don't get down to the roots.  My baby apple trees are taking a beating for lack of rainfall and now we have a bear infestation.  Almost every day I see a bear.



  6. Temperatures stayed in the low 60's today.  Fall is in the air.  This is perfect weather as far as I am concerned. We have just had enough rain to keep the fields green but our man made pond has totally dried up, so much so I  mowed the whole thing.  This happens in some years at the end of summer but I would welcome 6" rain.  

    Sept 1 2022.jpg

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  7. 17 minutes ago, dendrite said:

    Hopefully VT leaves me a few drops after midnight 

    Watching the storms from my neighbors webcam looking west.  The anvil would suggest it is moving our way but nope, line just too far west.  Maybe late tonight a bit of rain?  If not August will end with 2.27" for me.


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  8. 1 hour ago, WxWatcher007 said:

    I know it’s still extremely early, but it just seems to me if the steering pattern collapses this one goes OTS. 

    Dorian kind of did the same thing.  Came to a crawl over the Bahamas before it turned NE and weakened.  If that storm had made it a bit further west it would have destroyed the Gold Coast of Florida.  Hopefully we never see that situation happen.

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  9. Looks like a heavy thunderstorm just to my west.  I missed all the heavy rain many places got earlier in the week so maybe I can get a quick soak.  Lots of thunder as the skies slowly darken.

    webcams  www.bridgewaternhweather.com

  10. 2 hours ago, Cyclone-68 said:

    Wonder if we make it through August without one named storm in the Atlantic 

    Below is the 12Z Euro for  Sept 3rd only 200+ hours away.  Euro finally pops some action.  High pressure moving into the Western Atlantic will steer the storms towards the US.  Get ready.  It's a lock.


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