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  1. I powered up my drone and drove up to the Notch this morning with the idea that perhaps I could aid in the search.  There were 2 helicopters in the air when I was there around 10:30am.   I was surprised that I could not find a "base" camp that was co-ordinating the search.  I went to all the pull offs and the Cannon parking lot.  Long story short the wind was pretty strong and ceiling about 3500 feet with snow showers so I did not attempt to fly the drone.  I also would not have flown  without co-ordinating with Fish and Game.  Sorry that she didn't make it.  

    PS  There is no snow cover south of Franconia Notch.  The Notch only has a couple of inches.  

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  2. 6 hours ago, #NoPoles said:

    Missing hiker in Franconia Notch. She was dropped off at Lafayette Place Campground to hike Lafayette Haytack and Flume yesterday morning. Her ride went to the meet up parking lot around 4pm. Waited...she never showed, so they called in a missing hiker report. 3 SAR Teams went out last night after dark...no word yet

    Just watched the 5pm news.  The search teams quit for the day.  Didn't find her. 19 years old. She left yesterday early morning to hike to the top of Lafayette with just sneakers on.  No food, no lights, little water.  How do people make such bad decisions?  

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  3. GFS on board for a nice storm.  Although too warm for snow as is for the big northeast cities if a 970mb low happens lots of air travel delays and highway mess with Saturday travel.  It is out of here Sunday but gusty NW winds.  Timing still a week away and lots will probably change but at least some weather to watch for New Englanders.

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  4. Driving north, (I'm the passenger). We have had the ac on the whole ride. Just crossed back into NH.  Nice to get back into the cool air. Down to 72F now. Catching up in the forums. Nice to see more interesting weather coming up. Nicole/  front then cold air lurking.


  5. Today I had to drive down to  Rhode Island. Right now I'm at a Walmart parking lot in North Providence charging my car. Over the past half an hour of driving the car thermometer has been around 81 or 82. Crazy warm. About to head back North. Also of note most of the trees are leafed in Bristol RI.  

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  6. 70.5F Partly cloudy 

    Interesting GFS run today.  Gets something tropical down towards Bahamas and rotates in west into Florida.  982mb near Palm Beach.  Crosses the state into the Gulf and then north north east up the coast.  980mb noreaster over Nantucket.  Not so far out in fantasy land that the general path has some merit.


  7.   I have not been paying too much attention but way out in fantasy land things could get interesting.  Besides the cold blast on the GFS it also wants to develop some type of tropical system in around the same time period.  If this all happened and timing was right something in some form could be yanked up the coast.  Maybe a Sandy type of setup??


  8. It has been quite the rainy day around here.  Without Portland's radar it has not looked very impressive but we have had rain all day, some of it moderate and heavy.

    Still raining lightly but  I just emptied the Stratus.   1.47"

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  9. For the past couple of days it seems the models have been all over the place as to where today's rain band would setup.  West of me, east of me.  Well it seems I will end up somewhere near the bullseye.

    Moderate rain and warm 62/59  About .85" so far today


  10. 1 hour ago, ORH_wxman said:

    Most of the sleep experts say that standard time should be the permanent one instead of DST. 

    Who knows what will happen though. Permanent DST passed the senate but the house never took it up. 


    Probably most of you were too young to remember but we tried this once in the 1970s.  Everyone was all for it until the first winter when it was dark so late in the morning.  People hated it and it was repelled quickly and we went back to the way it is now.

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  11. The colors are almost peak in my hood.  If the wind and rain had held off for another few days we would achieved that but this is as good as it is going to get.

    More importantly is the upcoming rain event.  If we get around 3" of rain this would be the biggest event of the past few years.  I went back to 2019 but could not find a single day with a total near this high.  I'm sure certain isolated areas have had more with multiple thunderstorms in 24 hours but at least not at our casa.

    Foliage Oct 13 2022.jpg

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  12. 5 hours ago, eyewall said:

    Let me apologize if I am clogging up this thread too much. It looks like people need to get their viewing before heavy rain on Thursday. Anyway another interesting note is the saturation levels look different depending on which site I post on. I have been trying to make it pop but not well beyond the scope of reality. It really is incredibly brilliant out there in places. Facebook really blows it out on my computer and this site can enhance it at times even more. Either way you get the idea. It has been a great little trip.

    Glad you had a good trip.  I agree it has been about the best season I have ever seen.  Your post brings up my old pet peeve.  What is real and what is enhanced?  It seems almost everyone retouches photos.  Not like the old days when a color picture was developed it looked like what the eye would see.  It frustrates me because you can make any picture pop!  The more they are saturated the more ow's and ah's they get. That said the colors this year were super vibrant.  Our trip around the Whites a few days ago can attest to that. 

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