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  1. Congrats PF.  Nail biter yet again for me.  Friends just arrived here from Boston and were amazed how sharp the snow on the ground line is.  Still a winter wonderland but just climbing above 32F which is taking the snow off trees for the first time since the storm.  Took the drone up this morning.  Hills are white.


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  2. 7pm  Light snow   31.7F   2.5"

    Temperature slowly fell this afternoon and leveled out at 31.7F after dark.  The grass has the 2.5" or so but as you can see the patio and railings have a bit less with temperatures 32.5 to 33.5 this afternoon.

    I'm glad the precip has been so light.  I was kind of worried about a blue bomb with  near 1" liquid and me staying right at 32F or just a few tenths above




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  3. 32.3F Light snow

    Half an hour ago I took these screen grabs from friends here at Newfound Lake that have webcams. 600 foot elevation lake edge it is rain.  1500 foot elevation a mile away it's all snow and white.

    Ladd Farm_live_1701627172445.jpg


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  4. 4 minutes ago, mahk_webstah said:

    Actually, it looks like it’s a bit of a mix of rain and snow

    Mark,  I flew my drone with the Kestral attached.  Freezing line was around 2000 feet above sea level.

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  5. 49.1F  not bad for Dec 1rst.

    Euro for the win if this transpires.  Here's the 12Z clown.  Kuchera and 10:1 are fairly close with Kuchera being a bit less which makes sense.


  6. 1 minute ago, ORH_wxman said:

    Nothing yet in the Kp…I guess it’s supposed to spike quite a bit though. 

    I like the Spaceweather.com  site.  They say Dec 1rst but I guess that could be now since it's past 0Z.  The moon has now risen and the visibility was a bit hazy today too.  More importantly is what will happen up here on Monday.  GFS making steps towards Euro

  7. 48 minutes ago, MarkO said:

    I stuck around for this one. We'll find out soon. It does look juicy. I'm not expecting much. I think you'll do better than me. Maybe a sloppy inch or two here, but I'm really thinking the goods will be above about 2500'. 

    35.4/27  Snow began 8:45  We will see but I think accumulations will be north of me over 1500 feet.  We will know soon.

  8. I know that it is not interesting for anyone on the boards except for perhaps Alex or Diane but a potential birch bender for me tonight?  I'm right on the fence.  As of 5pm I'm 35.7/20F.  1.50" of liquid too in a short span. Evaparational cooling.  Blue bomb? Or just a rainy night?


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  9. 19 minutes ago, CoastalWx said:

    It depends on the environmental pressure, but in general I think 925 is closer to 2500’. I know 850 so maybe closer to 5000. Maybe like 4800’.

    Thanks Scott.  Blue bomb, birch bender or a cold rain tonight.  Very tough call for mi casa.  I am leaning towards a suprise elevation event for my area, Newfound Lake

  10. I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  I have not been on the forums as much.  I am carefully watching the Sunday night's storm.  Getting more interesting up in my area.  Seasonal total for me is 8" so far.

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  11. Boy, the 18Z Euro really jacks me.  1.42" liquid and almost all is snow.  Even at 18Z on Wednesday the 925mb temp is 0C and 850 is -1C.    I do best with SWFE type systems since the Whites shadow me in strong  nor'easters.  Wish temps were just a bit colder.  Of course this is just one run but more fun to watch this than smoking cirrus while SNE gets a big storm

    Of course the NAM is totally different!

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  12. Hum... taking a look at the upcoming weather over the next week and I could be building up an early season pack up here.  Just taking the 18Z GFS run, snow begins Tuesday evening and when it flips or even if it flips is a big question.  Even so a plowable amount either way IMO.  Then a brief warmup on Wednesday before the pack freezes solid at night. A low sun angle and temperatures in the 30s for many days.  Add a possible significant snow event later in the weekend we have a pack that has staying power for awhile.

    This is why I moved up to NH from Boston many years ago....

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  13. 5 hours ago, Lava Rock said:

    I've thought about getting a telescope, but have no idea what type/brand to consider. I used to have one as a kid and it never got much use, which is why I hesitate on getting another one, only to use a few times then it sits there, but some of the images like above really get me interested in wanting to pursue it.

    I was just like you. I like Astronomy and  I had a few cheap telescopes in my life but you really need a setup that tracks the objects.   I don't have the patience for  all that.  I have really wanted to see a galaxies and nebulas.  Then after Covid I heard about  these new smart telescopes.  They don't have an eye piece but connect to an app. I have the Vaonis Vespera.  The scope finds and slings  and tracks it. Does all the work.  You just select what you want to see and it finds it and starts sending images to your laptop or phone. I can set it up and sit inside and just watch from my easy chair.   It is pricy (about $1400) but wow.  I have seen so much.  Last night was clear and moonless so I set it up to capture the Andromena Galaxy.  It stacks the images to provide a bright high quality picture.  Even a dummy like me can use it.  Here is last nights picture resized down for the forum. (The original is much more detailed)

    Andronema resized.jpg

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