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  1. 18 minutes ago, Damage In Tolland said:

    Don’t know what more Scooter wants to see. Acapulco  will never rebuild. The city is decimated and uninhabitable. Hundreds of miles inland . This had gusts to 215mph at ground level. 



    So much damage.  From the helicopter video I grabbed this shot of a highrise.  Windows blown out with so much structural damage you can see right through some units.  Wonder how their  highrise building codes along resorts compare to Florida?  Andrew was a near miss for dense buildings but would Florida's highrises look like this if a true Cat 5 came ashore in Miami-Dade?


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  2. I would say that the foliage peaked today here in the NW Lakes Region of NH.  I took the drone up for a quick look around before the rain.  My Aspens and birch were vibrant but I think the HDR settings made it a bit more saturated than what I saw with the naked eye


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  3. Looks like our foliage peak will be tomorrow or Friday here in the NW Lakes Region of NH.  Wind and rain this weekend will bring most of the leaves down except the oaks which always follow.

    I would give this season a 4 out of 10 so far but colors are rapidly changing.  My guess would have been the peak this weekend if the storm and wind had held off.


  4. Luckily there is not an intense hurricane right now southwest of Phillippe's position.  The strong trough approaching would yank something northbound quick if placements were just right.  This is why New England usually gets it's strongest hurricanes later in the season when fall troughs arrive

  5. 50 minutes ago, tamarack said:

    Finally into steady rain, lit the wood stove about 2 PM as we've remained <60.

    We had to fire up the wood stove too.  Stayed around 57-58F all day

    About .65" of rain as of 630pm.  Looking at radar it looks like we are about done but models say, nope

  6. I've been mostly lurking lately but have been watching Lee closely.

    Here is a  guess on watching/warnings if the track holds serve with just noise adjustments as models settle in. When would watches go up?  5pm or 11pm advisory tomorrow?  Again, I'm just guessing so no flame throwing!

    Hurricane Watch from Watch Hill RI, Cape Cod and the islands and up along the coast.  Inland high wind watch RI and Eastern Mass, NH and inland Maine. 

    If the track stayed as, a guess might be that as the track locks in watches would change to tropical storm warning RI, Cape and Islands and Mass Coast.  Perhaps hurricane warning downeast Maine coast but with north winds would hurricane gusts be recorded or just tropical storm winds.



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