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  1. 35.4F on the rockpile right now with moderate rain.  Got down to 34.7F a little while ago.  Don't know how cold the air is just above them but it would have been a very big deal to get a few inches of paste.  Never has happened at climatologically the peak of summer temps.  Wish they could even score a trace of frozen  today.  

  2. Really impressive temp.  Down to 53.9F at 430pm.  Temp has been 56ish or below most of the day at my house.  Shows about as low we can go for "low highs" at the climatological maxs  for the year.  

  3. 19 minutes ago, dendrite said:

    Never heard of it. Looks like it'd produce some nice banner clouds like the Matterhorn.

    I forget what movie studio uses another view of it when its movies start.  Like the Matterhorn I just like the look of the mountain.   

    More importantly,  down to 36F and moderate rain on Mt Washington.  Very impressive for mid day July 24. 

  4. 33 minutes ago, eyewall said:

    The best view of Mansfield I think is in Pleasant Valley looking head on at the chin. It is quite a sight with a real sharp rise. It is hard to take pics there though with a lot of development.

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    I need to come over to Vermont.  I know the Whites pretty well but not the Green's.  Okay the Mt in the picture above is Ama Dablam.  It's a baby compared to Mt Everest just to its north.  Elevation is 22,349.  Mt Everest is close by, a bit further north at 29,032.  Now these are mountains!

  5. 2 hours ago, eyewall said:

    Thank you and last evening I discovered Honey Hollow for a great west side view of Camel's Hump:



    I like this picture.  The mountain has some symmetry.  To me Mansfield is just not pleasing to the eye.  This is my favorite mountain in the world as far as symmetry goes.  5 brownie points to anyone who knows what mountain this is.  I wish we had this in our local hood!

    Meanwhile its 1230pm and 56.8F right now.  Impressive cold for climatologically the warmest week or so of the year!

    Fav Mountain.jpg

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  6. 14 minutes ago, Baroclinic Zone said:

    I didn't see anything that stuck out from the video.  Can you point out what's the back?  Downhill side?

    If you skip to about 2 minutes and 25 seconds into the video and I skim over the lawn you see bright green and then lots of brown spots.  Those are all over the lawn. Meanwhile it's 1215pm and raining and 56.8F outside.  Maybe that will shake the lawn up!

  7. 11 hours ago, dendrite said:

    Fire blight? Apple scab?

    Now that I look again I think my pear tree has scab...lots of dark spots on the leaves and fruit. I'll have to do my best to rake up all of the leaves and fallen fruit from that tree this year to help prevent it worsening next year. I have a copper fungicide here, but I really don't want to spray it with the chickens free ranging everyday. What kind of apples do you have there? I've been thinking about adding a couple of liberty trees. They're supposed to be very disease resistant.


    The big trees you see were planted way back in 1906 according to the house records.  Each tree's apples taste different so I think they planted a variety.  How many apples can 2 people eat?  So basically they are here for the deer and for our  friends and neighbors that want to come pick.  The 100 year old trees are now slowly dying.  As you can see in the video there are lots of new baby apple trees we have planted the past couple of year.  We bought a mix of small trees just to have different types of apples.  Those small trees are just starting to produce now. Personally I like Mac's and our Mac trees do well.   Each fall we put up deer fencing around the baby trees as the deer love the branches and will also eat the tender bark.  You may not have the deer problem like we do.  I think the reason we have so many deer is because the trees have been here for over a hundred years (and there use to be many more) and the deer know this is a good feeding source. Pickings will get slim for awhile as the big trees reach the end of their natural life span....


  8. 1 hour ago, Baroclinic Zone said:

    What a great property you have.  As far as your lawn issues go, have you ever had your soil tested?  If not, you may want to explore that to see if you have any deficiencies in the nutrients.  It appears as though you do water given how green it looks and almost full sun exposure.  One thing you may want to look into is amending your soil with some quality compost to get those nutrients back into the soil that may be lacking.

    Thanks for the input.  Interesting about your soil comments.  We did a huge house project a few years ago.  We had a fungus problem in the old dirt cellar.  We had to lift the house, move the house and then used the old granite blocks to make new gardens.  Lawn got destroyed in the process and everything within 100 feet had to be regraded.  Lost all the top soil in the mix.  Then brought in many dump trucks of new top soil.  Cost a fortune.   With so much lawn the new soil is very thin and that is the problem.  I use 10/1/15 organic fert.  We have had lots of rain.  I just wondered what these brown spots are in the back?  

  9. 3 hours ago, Lava Rock said:

    Our lawn looks worse this summer too despite having a much wetter spring and summer compared to last year. Meanwhile we have this fungus growing in our mulch. Anyone know what it is?19660.jpeg

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    My next door neighbors have the same fungus and were asking me what it was.  I have no idea.  Also something weird with my apple trees.  Had a great blossom season this spring.  I though we would have a bumper crop of apples.  Almost no apples.  Many of the leaves are sickly brown.  Maybe too much rain and humidity.  Blueberry bushes are loaded with blueberries.  Concord grape vines are loaded with grapes.  Wet weather seems to have helped with some stuff and hurt with other things.

  10. Hi Guys,

    I need your lawn advice.  What is going on with my lawn.  Below is a drone video of my property.  Gardens are fine.  We have had lots of rain.  What a difference a year makes.  The lawns are doing okay but something is going on.  Lots of brown spots.  Is this Red Thread?  We use organic slow release fertilizer.  Agway 15/1/10.   We have applied it with a broadcast spreader 3 times this season.  About once per month.  Just did the last application about a week ago so the lawn probably has not had enough time to respond.  We have crap soil.  The lawn is the worst around back so skip half way through the video or so to get to the lawn part.....

    Any input?  Thanks!


  11. My 80 year old Mother lives in Bend.  So does my sister, brother in law and niece.  They will be about 20 miles south of totality.  Bend/Redman/Madras traffic jams are going to be crazy.  No highway systems out there.  If it looks like coastal  Oregon will be fogged in (its a morning eclipse) then all those people will want to come over the Cascades to the east side.  My family keeps telling me that 99% coverage is good enough and they are not dealing with traffic.  They are driving me crazy cause they could find the local gravel back roads and get 30 miles north.  Has to be scouted out before hand. Even sitting in a car for 20 hours and using the dessert for a pee is worth this..

    One more musing.  Watch the sky during the partial phase.  Normally at sunset the lower atmosphere is shadowed while above is in the sunlight.  So the sky slowly darkens.  Because during the eclipse the lower and upper atmosphere is shadowed at the same time the sky turns a deep, deep blue around the 80% plus partial.  I don't think that wildfire or summer haze will make too much of a difference.  The particles are all in shadow.  As I keep saying being close to centerline is very important but cloudiness is the most important.  Watching weather satellites in the hours before will show what is upstream.  If it looks like Anvil blowoffs etc. could cross toward centerline then opt for a shorter eclipse and go north or south.  Wyoming is great because there is such low population that like a tornado chase you can stay mobile!  Oh, bring binoculars.  Spectacular during totality to look at the sun's atmosphere close up.  Of course you need totality!

  12. 1 hour ago, ApacheTrout said:

    hell of a downpour this afternoon from the small warned thunderstorm.  1.14 inches in less than 30 minutes.

    Wow.  I expected a nice cool, lower dewpoint evening.  Sure not happening yet.  Dew is 67F and its still and feels really muggy.  The dry air seems stuck just to the north and just is not making it southbound.   Perhaps the cells that are also just to my north is the boundary?  I guess your post shows some good rain going on within them.

  13. 5 hours ago, weathafella said:

    Great description Gene!   I'm booked in Nashville for the eclipse and may drive north to expand the time of totality.   Totally psyched!

    Hi Jerry,

    I just typed up this long message and was going to send it to you privately but AMWX says you can't receive messages.  I just realized that there is a whole eclipse thread. I'll go read it.  I'll post what I wrote here in case any info benefits others.

    Enjoy the eclipse!

    Hi Jerry,

    You'll love the eclipse.  Nature wise it has been the  highlight of my life. Far better than any weather event.  Perhaps the only thing that could top it is a tornado chase where a strong tornado would pass fairly close by.  

     People are just so clueless as to how great they are.  Anyone within a day's driving distance from  totality is crazy not to get into it.   I may catch a plane and fly to Charlotte and then drive into SC if the weather looks good.  Have to see what is going weather wise  but we will have a pretty good idea 48 hours in advance.  Lets hope there is not  some type of large synoptic  system  coming north out of the Gulf to screw the whole area up.  That's the tough part.  One cloud, one shower at the wrong 2 minutes and your screwed. Late August afternoons down south are notorious for pop up storms.  Watch out in Metro Nashville. South of the city misses out and the whole city will close that Monday.  Possibility of huge  traffic jams as people try to relocate.  Getting away from the city by 50 miles might help staying mobile with less traffic. 

    The eclipse I saw in Aruba was a bit longer.  Depending on where the moon is  in relation to the sun makes the eclipse longer or shorter.  The longer the eclipse the wider the totality path and the darker the sky is towards the center.  This path is only 65 miles wide so the sky will still be bright to the south and north of centerline.  It will not matter much as far as what you see looking at the sun but close to centerline makes the whole landscape darker and adds to the experience.  Up here in NH we had an annular eclipse.  May 1994 I believe.  Sun was about 90% covered.  Even with that amount of coverage it didn't  get that dark.  As the eclipse starts and the sun is slowly getting covered your eyes are adjusting at a similar rate  so it seems barely  noticeable.  Around 90% you'll start really noticing it.  Very weird.  The sun is shinning but it still is just dark.  It's a hard thing for the brain to comprehend.  Everything happens so fast at totality.  Because I am a weather weenie I really watched the whole sky too, not just the disk of the sun.

    Back in 1998 Todd Gross was the on air met. on Ch 7 with Harv.  I knew him somewhat.  I use to go down to Ch 7 and visit him and Harvey.  Todd was the one who first introduced me to the web.  He and his family ended up staying at the same beach hotel as us.  Todd wanted to get every extra second out of the eclipse so he like many other people traveled down to the south part of the island to get closer to centerline.  We opted to just stay at our hotel and the beach.  It was an early afternoon eclipse.  Cu started forming on the south side and everyone down there raced back up.  Todd got back about 5 minutes before totality.  I remember he was a wreck trying to get his cameras setup.  Yelling at his wife and kids.  So funny.  I actually brought my big VHS webcam down.  Have it all on tape. Now without a VHS player I can't go back and easily watch it  Anyhow it was just epic!


    Catcha lata!   




  14. Couple more images from the drone flight after last nights severe thunderstorm.  Went back and slowed the video way down.  Didn't realize I caught 2 lightning bolts.  Kind of interesting from the air.  Don't know how close the second one got to me as it was off the screen.  I was very aware there was still a lot of lightning close by but hey if a bolt hit the drone I probably would have caught a great video even if it would have cost me $1000!

    Lightning 1.jpg

    lightning 2.jpg

  15. Thanks for all the expert input on my "wall cloud" video.  Sure,  I've seen lots of lowerings in CuB bases.  I don't remember seeing one with such defined edges and so low.  What was the most impressive to me is that if you watch the video towards the end you see in real time how fast that north side  edge is going up.  Even from miles away it was just rising so quickly that it was impressive to see from a "weather freak" perspective.  

  16. 1 hour ago, OceanStWx said:

    Just went back through our lightning detection, and over the hour ending 10 PM on average there were about 10 CGs per minute and a little more than an IC every second.

    My observations seem to jive well with this.  I was counting flashes per minute.  For a period around dark I was seeing about 40 per minute along the back side of the line.  I'm sure there were more on the front side so 60 per minute makes sense.

    I am still kind of awe struct with my drone video looking at the cell that passed over me and produced the heavy rain and hail.  Got the drone up as it was east.  Sure looks like a well defined wall cloud.  Here is another video.  I'm looking east so rain and hail is leading the cell.  At the SW part is the wall cloud.  Towards the end of the video watch the left side of the cloud.  Incredible upward motion.  I don't ever think I have seen such rapid motion.  Wish I had been closer.  Surprised no wind or damage reports.


  17. Wow.  I'm on the backside of the line looking at the line of anvils.  Dendrite, eek you must be getting slammed.  Just counted.  42 lightning bolts to my SE within 1 minute time.  Near constant thunder to my SE.  Reminds me of the old days growing up in Baltimore.  Quite the show going on!!

  18. What a great 3 hours for convection.  Best in a long, long time.  No damaging wind but thunderstorm after thunderstorm.  Tons of lightning, rain, hail and what to me sure looked like a wall cloud to my east.  About 3/4" of an inch of rain.

  19. Okay,  here is the drone video from 715pm as the storm was just to my east.  Lots of lightning.  Sure looks like a wall cloud on the SW edge.  Heavy rain/hail? to the NE of the wall cloud.  Looks like storm was rotating but can't be sure.  Thoughts??


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