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  1. Although we don't have kids I decided to call our school district superintendent's office to suggest cancelling school.  Up here 125 miles north of Boston the cold is going to be well established by school time.  Anyhow I got the superintendent's secretary.  She thanked me for my concern but the tone in her voice was like, this guy is a nut!  I don't think school systems have any guidance in place for cancelling schools except for snow type events.

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  2. 1 hour ago, wokeupthisam said:

    Two invasive insect species of concern in NE could have significant mortality of this year's population, if we can get cold enough.  Both the Emarald Ash Borer (EAB) and Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA) populations are susceptible to anomalous cold events, especially as temps approach -20F.
    "...researchers from the U. S. Forest Service and Minnesota Department of Agriculture found that the supercooling temperature for the Minnesota EAB population was about -13°F. Based on these results, a model was created that predicts that about five percent of EAB larvae should die when temperatures reach 0°F, 34 percent at -10°F, 79 percent at -20°F, and an impressive 98 percent should die at -30°F. (Venette, R.C. & Abrahamson, M. (2010) Cold hardiness of emerald ash borer  PDF , Agrilus planipennis: a new perspective.) 

    Studies on the HWA show similar results.  Also their mortality is higher when the cold occurs after a period of relatively milder conditions, as the insects gradually adapt their supercooling ability in sustained cold periods, so this event holds promise for a (temporary) setback for these insects in 2023 in NE.  I'm cheering for -20F here overnight Friday for that reason alone.  Seems like an ideal setup to hamper those invasives for a season anyway, while not prolonging the severe conditions for people and wildlife.  Bring it!


    In addition perhaps the Moose ticks will be killed.  Winters have been so mild.  A quick freeze job for them too!

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  3. Friday afternoon should be the coldest I can remember up here.  These are crazy low temperatures when people are out and about.  The cold front is through here by early morning with potential snow squalls with temps near 0F and just drops all day from there.

    We have a deep snow cover and that will help keep it cold.  If we are going to get cold we might as well go big.  It is in and out.  I can take that.  It is the endless cold that I hate.  This is at 5pm


    Screenshot 2023-02-01 110314.jpg

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  4. Snowmobilers are everywhere today.  Conditions are good but they need one more storm to make conditions great.  Don't see anything of significance this week more than some fast flow moisture starved systems.

    That signal for real cold remains for next weekend.  Euro has even got a bit colder with the 12Z runs.  For most of us it has a -25 to -30F morning next Saturday rising to a high of -15F during the day.  In the longer range things seem amplified but even if you took  ten degrees off to account for that it still would be crazy cold.

    EDIT:  I posted this before I even read the forums.  I now see it discussed in detail in the Feb thread.


  5. 18 minutes ago, MarkO said:

    Snowpack is down to about 3" in Lowell. About 1/2" of frozen, followed by about 1.5" of rain. Currently sitting at 36.1F.

    I'm guessing we got around 4" of snow last night up at the cabin, followed by an hour or so of sleet, then about 1/4" of rain. I'm guessing a little compaction, but the rain that fell probably got absorbed by the recent snow. Temps rose to 33 by this morning and holding steady at 32.

    Yeah compacted to 4" here.  Trees are glazed but snow is deep.  We had a nice layer of sleet so it is powder underneath

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  6. 9 hours ago, mahk_webstah said:

    The CAD from Gene to Jeff, and to some extent to Brian is remarkable.  We are 30/28 here.  I CAD pretty well, as this whole area does, but Brian and Gene are at another level.

    Finally at 8:15am I have hit 32   Snow to sleet to end as freezing rain here.  I didn't not measure during the storm but now it is an ice crusted 4"

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  7. 28 minutes ago, dendrite said:

    It means something. We have a bit of a barrier jet going and we’re advecting some of that low level cold in Maine our way. I’m at my low for the day now…25.9° and a steady drop. So we’ll torch aloft over the next few hours, but we’ll hold sleet and eventually ZR for awhile.

    I’m waiting to clear the mess. I’m hoping we just crust the surface and hold the snow consistency at the bottom through the duration. 

    I am waiting till AM too. Interestingly the strong wind has stopped. No more roar in the trees. Temp and dew still at their lows

  8. 22.7/19  Moderate snow, blowing snow

    It is kind of interesting that the temperature still inches down and the dewpoint has dropped from 22 to 19F.  Maybe that doesn't mean anything.

    Decision time.  Do I snow blow the couple of inches I have now so it is easier in the morning if it gets sloppy or wait till then?  I think I will wait.  I kind of am envisioning a powdery snow with a top thin sleet and freezing rain glaze vs some heavy rain soaking into a 6-8" pack making snow blowing difficult. 

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  9. 34 minutes ago, WinterWolf said:

    Really lol? That’s a joke right? Looks lush. :rolleyes:

    Hum.... for the first time  we have wintering Bluebirds.  Also Newfound Lake is ice free which has never happened this far into the season.  Many in CNE and parts of NNE have not even had a 0F night.   Weird stuff.....is it just the weather pattern or greatly enhanced by climate change?   Anyhow that is a discussion for another time.

    This storm looks like it will be totally frozen here in my area of Central NH.   CAD always over performs so it should stay below freezing.  By the time it rises into the 30s Thursday the precipitation should be over.  Then a 12 hour thaw.  



  10. 2 minutes ago, mahk_webstah said:

    And it’s not done.  Not the 2”/hour stuff but steady moderate and accumulating.We probably break 15.  Viz 1/4

    I "only" have around 9 1/2".  Just measuring by putting a ruler down on a clean surface.  I have not been doing the 6 hour snowboard clearing.  Are you Mark and Brian doing that or is it I am just a bit too far NW to be in the best snow. On the other hand my ratios should be better as my temperature has been around 28F for the whole storm.

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