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  1. I don't know if it was mentioned yet or not but Greenville County schools are closed tomorrow.
  2. Accident due to car sliding into center divider on I-385 at Roper Mountain Rd. Greenville, SC. I am so glad I left work when I did as I drive right by there. My bedroom window has a glaze of ice on it and I can't see out. I am hearing a ping or two every once in a while.
  3. I just saw my weather indicator under my avatar and it says 28*F. That means the temp gauge in my car is pretty accurate. Good to know. Quite a glaze of ice in Greenville county! I saw more downtown than I do in Simpsonville, but there is definitely a glaze on things down here as well.
  4. Thank god for you all! Here's my obs - and if it weren't for all those telling me that temps were dropping FAST with the onset of real precip, I might still be sitting in my cubicle. I work right in the middle of downtown Greenville, SC. 7:30 am: 28* on my drive into work this morning according to my car. Some clouds. 9:30am: 36* 12:45: 36* flurries. This lasted a good 45 min. 2:30: 36* light drizzle - an occasional small ice pellet. 3:45: Husband called and said I'd better leave the office. Ice covering his car and wind shield freezing as he drove home. I argued that it was fine downtown at 36*. He assured me I was wrong. (He was coming from Greer, SC) 3:50: I log on here to see what y'all are saying and hear about how temps were dropping QUICKLY as precip came in. So I left work. 4:00: Walk out to the parking lot and all cars, including mine, covered in ice with icicles dropping from them all. WTH???!?!?? It was 36* all day pretty much. It was now back to 28*F. I'm home now, but y'all really helped me out with this storm. I appreciate the obs from those saying how fast the temps dropped. I had been under the impression we wouldn't see much more than rain since the temp was steady at 36* all day. Very interesting storm so far!
  5. Yep. Same storm I was thinking of too. Was that Jan or Feb 2004? I can never remember. It was the most snow I'd seen at one time in my life. I was living in Cabarrus county, just north of the speedway.
  6. Sorry for the multiple posts.....I'm back to reading and lurking now.
  7. A 6'fer even! This made me laugh so hard. Haha! I heard thundersnow once. I think it was in 2004 - in Charlotte. I don't remember if it was Jan or Feb, but we had like 19" of snow imby. It was the storm that parked itself over NC and just kept spinning and spinning for days.
  8. And I know, I don't get to pick. It's gonna do what it's gonna do so I'm off to prepare.
  9. No, I agree - bust in a good way FTW! We had that cold rain a few Friday's ago and it was miserable. I don't want ice, but not keen on that either. If I had to pick, I don't know....I guess the rain. I am good with a little ice but the words "Significant Ice Storm" have me a little worried. How lovely would a good bust and half a foot of snow be right now?
  10. Well, the mets I follow on FB, Youtube, and on here all seem pretty confident that I am sitting in a significant ice storm area. Thank goodness for you all! Going to prepare today. This is not what I had hoped for, but it seems to be happening and so I am going to the store. I've got kids and it appears they will be home for the week. Depending on how this unfolds, I may be home after tomorrow as well. I'd like to mention that I quite like having heat and electricity so I hope this isn't too bad. Being indoors for a few days because of bad roads is one thing, but I was in Charlotte in Dec of 2002 and so ice storms freak me out a bit now. I had JUST moved to Charlotte from San Diego a couple of months before that storm in '02 and thought I'd moved to hell. Good thing this doesn't happen often and even though this looks bad, it doesn't appear to be as bad as that epic storm. I hope not anyhow!
  11. I am looking forward to watching the chatter on here this weekend as well. I'm also looking forward to the first brave met to post a first call map too. I love seeing those and feel when all is said and done there should be a prize for the closest match. I have been around since 2007 and I think this has been the dullest winter to watch unfold. I say bring it on. I hope we see more 1st call maps show up rather than cliff divers. It will be sad if that starts happening. Let the snow gods bless someone in the SE please!