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  1. kvn139

    11/15-16 Coastal Storm/ULL Discussion

    Yes it is mixing just east of phily now
  2. kvn139

    11/15-16 Coastal Storm/ULL Discussion

    I can confirm 1/4m vis
  3. kvn139

    11/15-16 Coastal Storm/ULL Discussion

    I work in Pennsauken which is just over the border from Phily in NJ and it has been snowing At a good pace for a couple of hours. Everything including side streets are covered.
  4. I had the same random flakes. Have since stopped
  5. Snow has begun in Freehold NJ. Albeit flurries
  6. kvn139

    March 2018 Model Discussion

    I'm assuming you meant that you prefer Miller A's to Miller B's
  7. Portions of NJ did not do well. Heavy bands rotated around Monmouth county all day. Would have loved to have been in that death band
  8. I'm in Freehold and it is heavy. Once that band hits the temps drop and the rain changes to snow. Very cool to watch it transition from south to north in my opinion.
  9. Changed to snow in Freehold about 10 minutes ago after mixing with rain for about 30 minutes. Snowing moderate/heavy and already covering grass. Once you that band reaches you it will transition.
  10. kvn139

    -NAO Coastal Bomb March 1-3, 2018 Disco

    I'm a lurker. Most of the time I have an idea of what we need to improve our chances of a more frozen outcome based on dialogue. This time I have no idea. What do we need for an improvement in reference to the Nam run. Close off earlier/later, further south/north/east/west? Or, is it as good as it will get?
  11. do you have power in colts neck