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  1. What's really annoying is the HRRR looks great for NYC. 0.5+, they'll probably get 5-8 with ratios.
  2. You were right last night worrying about the dry air. RGEM and EURO ftl.
  3. Canaan Valley got 2.5 inches last night on 40:1 ratios.
  4. LOL. Yeah I thought after last night's RGEM we were definitely good for 2 or more inches. Anyway, doesn't look like the radar will improve for this one. The trajectory of the good blob is all wrong for us, and this thing is in a serious hurry.
  5. Wow, radar looks like poop. Oh well. We always knew we were living on the edge with this one.
  6. Looks like a pretty nice band around frederick. Anyone under those returns?
  7. D.C. wasting a whole bunch of money on salting tonight.
  8. God I hope the GFS comes in good. A late game shift in our favor would be pretty fun.
  9. Yes, this. I'll wake up and check the discussion board within 2-3 days of a major event. This is not the time to be losing sleep over weather.
  10. Awesome. Such a beautiful area. I'll be in Blackwater Falls in a Cabin for 3 nights. Hoping there is enough snow to XC ski and snowshoe.
  11. Nice man. Where are you staying? I'll be driving up to Davis tomorrow. A little hesitant about driving in my Honda Fit in these conditions but I have 4 new snow tires. Are you doing any skiing?
  12. What a beautiful run. Would be an excellent event if it played out like that. Hopefully we can keep this thing south of us.
  13. I think NWS Pittsburgh forgot about Preston and Tucker counties in WV. Charleston upgraded their ridge counties to a WSW yesterday afternoon and Sterling overnight. Preston and Tucker still in a watch even though event supposedly gets going this afternoon.
  14. Looks like a pretty classic upslope event. Hoping you guys can break a foot. Seems like the local NWS offices are enthusiastic based on the discussions.
  15. I'm starting to get excited. I'll be driving from D.C. to WV on Friday though and driving conditions could be bad once we get up to 2,000 feet.
  16. How does the euro look for this northwest flow event? GFS has been rock steady on this for many runs in a row.
  17. Hey. I do a lot of cross country skiing in the northern mountains of WV (tucker county). I think this thread may have a lot in common with that area because they profit from northwesterly flow and upslope. At any rate, 12z GFS continues to look good for an upslope event. Hope the appalachians can cash in.
  18. I'll be in Canaan valley for New Years so I am still hopeful. It's looking like dec 29/30 could be a potent upslope event there on the gfs.
  19. How does the Euro look for New Years Day? From the free maps I see a low in the Lakes but it looks like 850's in our area are cold at 192 hours.
  20. It's nice to see a low tracking below us. It looks like it would be a nice hit for the ski areas in WV. Did the Euro have anything resembling this?
  21. It's not. Most years we get a few legit events and it's really fun. Obviously we're not Boston, but we do ok.
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