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  1. Yeah, my wife and I are pretty into outdoorsy stuff (hiking, backpacking, canoeing, skiing, etc) so we've always had our eye on either the northeast (Maine/NH/Upstate NY) or somewhere out west, but at the end of the day it's so hard with the jobs. We both have jobs that we like and at lease somewhat excel at. I'd have to find some other district with a physics or upper level science opening (I'm not willing to teach 9th grade or anything like that anymore) and then I'd have to make sure it has a comparable pension plan. And she works for the EPA so she's got a pretty sweet federal job that's tough to justify leaving. Anyhow, I'll take any further discussion to banter. Back to weather: GFS looks about the same for the midweek deal.
  2. Hey man, I dunno what you teach....but I teach physics in DCPS and the pay is great and they don't threaten to can you yearly.
  3. Severe thunderstorm warning for Canaan and it's 35 degrees there. Could be a severe snow thunderstorm!
  4. High temp forecasts busted significantly this weekend, we were supposed to be near 70 today.
  5. Yeah it sorta feels like this week is our last shot, but I guess we did have some good events in late feb and march in 2015.
  6. At 102 a low is off cape hatteras but it slides east.
  7. That GFS run was criminally boring. Please god let the Euro pop something interesting midweek.
  8. It still tries to form a low off the coast around 114, but it happens a little to late for us.
  9. Yeah, makes sense. I'm just hoping that we can score a little something soon while we're in prime climo.
  10. True, but I think the EPS and op Euro/GFS both looked pretty warm though. But yeah, +7 days.
  11. Yeah and it's hard to take the Para seriously when the GFS, the Euro, and EPS all show a torch during presidents day weekend, not a snow storm.
  12. Nice little snowstorm for us. 2-6 inches, far western burbs with the least, bullseye DC and northern burbs with 5-6.
  13. Hey, I did the weatherbell free 7 day trial for fun. Do you have to cancel your account on day 7 to avoid being automatically charged or do they send you some type of notification that your free time is up?
  14. So what are we rooting for to make the late next week threat happen? Do we need the southern jet s/w to dig less so it can hook up with the northern stream?
  15. Thanks for the response. I know I shouldn't ask IMBY questions but judging by free maps it looks like the ridges in WV/PA/MD have a shot at something as the low passes or at the very least it looks like maybe a favorable upslope set up during the CAA after it passes. Trying to decide whether or not to plan a trip up to Canaan for presidents weekend. Can you shed any light on what the Euro shows for this area?
  16. No signs of life for the day 7-8 threat on 0Z Euro? I see a 984 low over eastern Mass, wondering how it got there.
  17. Yeah I'm from the lower Hudson valley area of NY and my family house up there usually cleans up during these coastals cause they have a little elevation. My dad gonna complain about using the snow blower! The nerve!
  18. You know how I know I'm not getting a thump? Because I just walked my dog in shorts and a t-shirt. If I am comfortably walking my dog in workout clothes I'm not getting a thump of snow 8 hours later. I don't care what any model says it's not dropping 25-30 degrees by 7am. I'm gonna wake up at 5 am and eagerly check my phone and it'll probably be 46 degrees and raining.
  19. The "good" runs of the GFS and RGEM had me at 50 degrees at 7 tonight. Sitting at 61.5. I'm thinking we might not even see snow TV here.
  20. I don't think philly is safe. It's almost 70 there right now too. Could go either way for them. I think central NJ up through SNE should be good to go.
  21. Just once, in one of these marginal events, I want to wake up and look out my window and see everything white and the changeover like 3-4 hours early.
  22. Really a shame we don't have just a run of the mill warm air mass. If it were in the low to mid 50s today we'd probably be looking at 3-6 in DC easily. This stupid record breaking junk is going to be impossible to overcome. No way my temp is dropping 40 degrees before this storm ends.
  23. Yeah and you can check the 3-hr totals using IWM. There is less than 0.1 for the entire subforum after 12z.
  24. Awesome, thanks for posting that. Like you were saying, almost nothing falls after 12z, so a brief period of heavy snow is probably our best case scenario from like 11z-13z or something like that.
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