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  1. Low pressure off the FLA/GA coast. I guess we have to punt Sunday now.
  2. 7-14 inches of powder across southern VA and NC in March is just silly. Weather gods trolling us.
  3. Yeah...just killing time. Heights are higher in the PAC NW region at 84.
  4. Looks like a slightly weaker cold press for the Friday event through 66...hopefully a harbinger of things to come.
  5. If the Euro/GGEM/Ukie were looking like that I'd be more enthusiastic. Maybe that ensemble run though is the start of a good day of runs.
  6. Wow. Does most of that come from wave 2 (Sunday)?
  7. GFS says here's your 2-4 inches so you can stay interested in this system for 48 more hours before I cave to euro and give you flurries and high clouds.
  8. If this were another year I'd say we're still in the game but the way things have gone this year, I don't feel that way. That was a fun 48 hours thinking it was gonna snow though.
  9. I agree with this. 3-4 inches of powder with a little wind and temps in the low 20s is a great event. Of course I'd prefer 8-12 but hey.
  10. Bah, this sure has the feel of the southern slider from January. I'd consider 2-4 inches a win.
  11. If the euro suppresses this I'm gonna fully melt down.
  12. GFS has low temps in the single digits and even some areas around zero for Sunday night.
  13. Clown maps on instantweather have foot+ for the immediate DC area.
  14. Pretty huge shift at H5 at hour 114 with the confluence, I imagine this come in well south of previous runs.
  15. At 15z friday surface freezing line just north of DC. Looks like a nice event for mason dixon line currently.
  16. Such a pretty map. I love actually having the high pressure where we need it when we need it. So glad this isn't looking like it'll be a cold chasing precip deal.
  17. http://canaanresort.com/winter/ski-resort/webcam/ Time sensitive...insane snow rates in Canaan right now. Visibility like 20 feet.
  18. I like severe fails better than snow fails. Snow fails are drawn out usually over multiple days before we accept defeat. Severe fails rip off the bandaid instantly.
  19. Suns out in DC....liking our chances today. Line looks nasty.
  20. Did you ski or snowshoe? I've done some snowshoeing and backcountry skiing trips where I've broken trail through like 2-3 feet of snow. It's fun and exhausting.
  21. Yeah. I welcome the end. I'm interested in seeing what this place will be like if we string together 2 or 3 of these years. Imagine not seeing more than an inch of snow for 2-3 straight winters?
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