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  1. I noticed the COD site issues. Can't view the loops on my phone anymore.
  2. Was really hoping the changeover would be quicker.
  3. My prediction: 1.2 2.7 2.2 Thinking the dynamics and quick changeover from the arctic front will contribute more that expected. The lake will spray light/fine snow with those deltas and wind.
  4. Does anyone have that Northern Hemi snow cover map for a YOY compare?
  5. Not much real estate on KBUFs AFD for the arctic front + post LES. They don't seem impressed (other than the magnitude of the cold).
  6. I'd like to see the October HV runner repeat in late Nov...
  7. Fairly tame here in W Wayne Cty as far as winds are concerned. Actually happy about that.
  8. Yeah, Ellison Park always seems to get flooded...
  9. Man, this would've been one HECK of a winter storm!!
  10. NWS just upped HWW to 65MPH gusts along the Monroe/Wayne/Cayuga/Oswego shores. Even though we are 'wind hardened', anyone think the wet ground will play a role? Don't want to lose power again (after that severe storm line a couple weeks ago).
  11. The squall line yesterday was quite intense here in Western Wayne Cty. Lost power during and still without. We didn't lose power during the big windstorm earlier this year with greater gusts (albeit no foliage).
  12. KBUF STILL down... Too bad, lots of nice storms last night - had to use Montague.
  13. When is KBUF gonna get their radar reliably functioning?? Flash flooding situation and no radar...just ridiculous, unprofessional, and potentially dangerous.
  14. Had 9" one May in the 1988-1991 timeframe...
  15. Interesting that the lightning is mostly behind the line in WNY...
  16. What was your intention of posting this vid?
  17. Would be nice to see the name-calling/labeling ended in the climate change section...this isn't Junior High... weenie, denier, alarmist, etc. gets old very quickly. Don't you all agree?
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