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  1. The band has arrived in Northern Ontario... the dendrites are getting bigger
  2. They dropped the totals for the Wayne Cty WSW...
  3. Are the extreme northern Niagara and Orleans Cty communities seeing snow? Always wondered if they did with these westerly LE situations.
  4. I heard the town of Mexico got over 50" during the same time period.
  5. I've seen 36" in 12 hrs. once in Oswego...only day classes were cancelled in my 4 years there. 12" of that fell in less than 2hrs with thunder/lightning...
  6. I'm a Met alum...remember Ballentine well. Can't believe Stamm is still there! Chermak was the 3rd prof.
  7. You can see the snow line here on the COD radar site...moving quickly.
  8. Ontario...north of 104. Many of the stations in this area are starting to drop in temp... https://www.wunderground.com/personal-weather-station/dashboard?ID=KNYWEBST35
  9. Don't have a therm here, but according to Underground Weather, a bunch of local stations are in the 33-34 degree range. That makes sense as there's 'wet ice' on stuff here...melting a little.
  10. Unless those winds shift back NE, ROC will be above 32 overnight.
  11. Winds just went S at ROC... South shore is still holding on to the NE.
  12. Thanks, but I should've been more specific. I'm talking local-local...like a reading from along the S. shore in Webster, or Ontario...very specific. Wasn't sure if there was an amateur/enthusiast site that has local measurements.
  13. Does anyone know of a website that has local temp and wind measurements, not extrapolations? Until I get a station mounted on my house, I'm at a loss for temp and winds.
  14. Just watch the winds at your location...if they switch to SE, you're toast.
  15. From the BUF AFD regarding tonight's wave precip: most areas across western New York can anticipate just rain. An important exception will be along the south shore of Lake Ontario where northeast winds may keep enough cold air dammed up against the Niagara escarpment to keep the risk of freezing rain in place. Then for Saturdays wave: the tongue of warmer air aloft responsible for the aforementioned morning wintry mix in some areas will slide off to our southeast...which will allow the precipitation to transition to more of a plain rain/snow mix that will be largely dependent upon boundary layer temps...with mainly rain predominating across the lower elevations and a rain/snow mix or plain snow more common across the higher terrain. So the south shore MAY be frozen through the event if we can keep that NE wind!
  16. The returns looked much nicer on the northern shore all night. HRRR was on to that northern push.
  17. The one thing I can't stand about Western New York is how quickly the warm air moves in. Wish there was like a mountain range somewhere between us in Ohio with Lake Ontario being higher in elevation instead of lower to avoid subsidence/compression.
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