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  1. Yup, about 3 miles inland. Dark to the north...just flurries still.
  2. It's coming : At 1259 PM EST, A band of lake effect snow producing snow fall rates of 2 to 3 inches per hour along a line extending from Sandy Island Beach State Park to 7 miles north of Fair Haven Beach State Park to 11 miles north of Williamson will move onshore through 230 pm. This will bring poor visibility and slippery travel conditions to communities near the Lake Ontario shoreline.
  3. The band is making it's southward drift...easier to see with more frames.
  4. Agreed. They should have northern & southern differentiation.
  5. I'm telling ya, this is gonna over perform. Been snowing lightly all day where I live. East side close to lake areas more likely to get warning amounts.
  6. As long as Ontario stays open, I'm good with that. At least some of us will benefit from the cold air.
  7. I should clarify... He was right regarding the watches/advisories. Dave didn't think BUF should put them up and Delta thinks Tim is a snow weenie. For NE Monroe and Wayne ctys. he's been pretty accurate. The airport and west side hasn't gotten nearly as much of the white stuff. I think this event will over perform somewhere on the south shore due to the meso potential. Guess we'll see.
  8. They certainly amped up the totals along the south shore. 36+ hrs worth of snowfall on this map.
  9. Areas along the Lake Ontario shoreline will likely see 3-6 inches. A Winter Storm Watch is in effect through Saturday afternoon. The south shore ctys. may see some sort of watch as well.
  10. KBUF mentions a meso low developing over Erie and moving onshore. WSW issued. Wondering why the same won't occur over Ontario?
  11. Yea, something is gonna 'pop' with all of this baroclinicity...
  12. In north Ontario, we only got about an inch overnight. Missed the narrow band. Still ended up with a foot or so.
  13. Hope this arctic front doesn't squash our fun...
  14. Got another 2-3" since that pic. Amazing. That little green blotch in NE Monroe/NW Wayne is dropping 2-3"/hr.
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