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  1. Yes, as soon as that sun started to peek, winds increased dramatically. Hoping to keep power.
  2. Another wind event in WNY...hardening the tree even more!
  3. Agreed. Pattern is still ripe for a good one before or switches.
  4. rochesterdave, but with that said, he nailed the whole -NAO pattern game-changer comment. It's been a wild ride this March. (It’s retrograde season. Get ready! Could be fun. That big Greenland block is gonna throw a wrench in the works. A good wrench.)
  5. I think by the time March is over, Dave is gonna eat his 'winter cancel' words a couple weeks back...lol
  6. BUF An embedded shortwave trough is rounding the top of the upper low and moving across Montreal where enhanced lift is causing widespread moderate to heavy snow. This is expected to pivot southward across the North Country/eastern Lake Plains of Lake Ontario this afternoon/evening and accumulating snow will continue into tonight.
  7. As predicted...Probably won't upgrade to warnings due to long duration.
  8. Not sure why they didn't put N Cayuga and Wayne in the WWA...thinking they will add them.
  9. The NE forum is exploding...lol. I'm thinking we'll see a more from this one than the last (mainly due to the cooler temps). 12z will be telling.
  10. Getting hammered here. Pushing past 4 inches of new fluff over the last couple hours.
  11. Starting to see that happen. I'm just south of that 'band'...hoping to get into it for awhile. Will probably be more cellular in nature during the day. We've got about 2" so far this morning...variable rates and dendrite size.
  12. More of a Nov-Jan looking snow map vs mid-March! Pretty impressive LES forecast.
  13. Actually started snowing here again. Pretty amazing storm...
  14. Euro has the LP at day 5 as well. Just further N and warmer than GFS. Waiting for 12z.
  15. Anyone post/comment on 12z Euro 5 day? Wondering if it reflects the LP seen on the GFS.
  16. A lot of that could be blow-off from the roofs nearby...
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