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  1. The SSW event would be a nice pattern changer...as long as it doesn't squash the storm track too far south. Will be interesting to see how the long-range temp predictions respond (as most are above normal).
  2. Got the German model? That seemed to fair pretty well when the other models struggled last winter at this range.
  3. That first chart looks like a potential cutter. Positioning of the HP on the 6z run is better.
  4. Once again, Orleans cty getting lit up with no one to report!
  5. I went to school there for MET undergrad and experience some impressive events (2'+) and one (3'+) which led to the only class cancellation over 4 years!
  6. Well, that snow map isn't accurate from Northern Monroe through Wayne as we easily have 4-5" within 3 miles of the lake shore. Also interesting to note that WWAs weren't added to Niagara/Orleans until radar showed them getting hit. Wonder why KBUF didn't see that coming as the models were showing them getting in the action as well.
  7. It seems the radar is crushing up there for many events, but never see pics or hear of reports.
  8. Starting to stick in Ontario now (about 3 miles inland). Earlier than expected.
  9. Thanks, 1st link doesn't seem to have a live stream, 2nd one works great (Mayville, NY)!
  10. Definitely snowing in Old Forge. http://www.oldforge.net/christys/
  11. Is the energy onshore yet? If not, there's still time for some changes with better data.
  12. Brief bursts of heavy snow here. Almost an inch...grass almost covered. Lake seems to be charged up for this event.
  13. They also changed the WSW wording to Northern Wayne (vs. Eastern)...gives me some hope for Ontario!
  14. Grass almost covered in Ontario, NY. Impressed.
  15. Are they picking up on a SSW event? Anyone have the wind chart for that? Usually a 6 week lag, I believe.
  16. Hopefully all that cold are will invade the CONUS.
  17. Finally a change to more autumn weather! Looking forward to seeing how severe this cold season will be.
  18. What was your intention of posting this vid?
  19. Would be nice to see the name-calling/labeling ended in the climate change section...this isn't Junior High... weenie, denier, alarmist, etc. gets old very quickly. Don't you all agree?
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