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  1. ICON has loved Chi town over and over these past couple of runs
  2. that would be epic. I am heading to the Green Bay game on the 2nd so please yes let that verify
  3. Any maps or ideas on the system that appears on the GFS and Euro around Jan 1-2nd? Looks good on some runs not all. Something to watch at least.
  4. Love it for my Lake Placid region. GFS appears to also be in agreement. Seems like the track is pretty much set plus or minus some wiggle room N or S. This should have already been sampled by now.
  5. GFS has actually been somewhat consistent lately over the past several runs. Here's to hoping those numbers pan out and the ICON is underperforming. Time will tell.
  6. I will be up there Thursday so was watching this weekends system. I agree with your assessment. Lets hope it continues and also help some other members on this forum.
  7. I have a home in Tampa Fl but also a winter home up in Lake Placid so I go back and forth
  8. Not buying into anything at this time as this system does not get on shore until Thursday I believe and we can get some sampling. And I am speaking only about the potential system for Saturday.
  9. It was also gone on the 00z Hope it comes back. What does the Euro show ?
  10. Would love for that to happen I am heading to Lake Placid to Ski this weekend and could enjoy some new powder
  11. Hope that holds still in upper Vermont with the change noted with the Froude numbers.
  12. It should get sampled by tomorrow if I am correct ?
  13. Winter storm warning now issued for certain areas. I fly into Burlington tomorrow by noon so hopefully will be ok to get over to Stowe later. Happy Thanksgiving to all
  14. Loving that for the Stowe resort this weekend
  15. I wonder if the PAC jet has anything to do with these recent runs changing and lowering our hopes?
  16. Its not over yet folks. Its still early so lets see if this comes back on future runs. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  17. Let’s hope some future runs improve those totals some but I will take what it’s showing now. Will be interesting to see the next day or two of runs especially the hi res models
  18. I will be in Stowe this weekend and hoping for a great snowfall. Love the 12Z and 18Z GFS and Euro so fingers crossed we can get some snow and open up those slopes this weekend.
  19. Funny I was in Andrew also before moving to Tampa. On a side note looks like NOAA has Elsa AF302 on its way in. I will be surprised if they don't find Hurricane force winds.
  20. Im in Tampa on the bay. Expecting some surge due to wind direction and high tide around 320am. Will suck. This storm looks to be more organized and stacked currently.
  21. Curious on that jet stream interaction on this TS ? Not sure why WC wont mention it as a factor ?
  22. Why is there no mention on that Jet Flow influence on this tropical storm? Curious is they take that into account for their 5pm update and or if the jet stream will influence it to go more east and into Tampa?
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