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  1. I've already seen more snow from this event than I did from the Thursday event. 30.9/25.5 SN. Smallish flakes, but a few bigger ones mixed in.
  2. Looks like the GFS was right the other day. This event really is going all the way to Friday morning.
  3. 28/26 with SN- right now. These are the first actual falling flakes I have seen in this "storm." Looks like they should last about 20 minutes.
  4. See central TN.
  5. Reminder that no one here is actually responsible for your lack of snow.
  6. Are afternoon bands or a 3rd wave still in the cards? If so, coming from where?
  7. Am I just too hard to please or have I not been under the "epic ripping OMG" sleet that some of you have? Hard to know. I often have the same problem with snow too. Is this "heavy"? *shrug shoulders*
  8. 26/25. Sleet. I've yet to see a single snowflake - fatty, rimed, or otherwise. Though I believe we had about a 1/2" fall before 5:30 am.
  9. 26.1/24.4 moderate sleet.
  10. Can someone post most recent DCA/IAD soundings (or show me where to get them)? Thx.
  11. 25/23 and a mix of sleet and freezing rain. And darkness. So much darkness.
  12. "HISTORIC WINTER INVASION" (under a pic of the Capitol.)
  13. 27/17. Slowly dampening. Like my hopes.