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  1. This costed us $100 millions guys, that's pretty much!
  2. A category 1 Hurricane is pretty serious. Not all of them will cause a landfall..
  3. Seems to be pretty interesting, someone bets on soccer or some other sports that involves a lot of money, but someone can be a meteorologist and make tons of money on weather betting. Why I didn't knew about that, for a real professional it seems to be really easy as he/she can predict everything even without any stuff. It is kind of different than Play at Harrys online casino, but almost the same unpredictable. Also I wonder if there you can do the same money as on the usual platform. Like put $100 on different locations and take $10k on the next day haha.
  4. I love spring, and among many reasons why I love it, the most important is that I can take care of the lawn. I mean, it is my favorite activity, and I can afford to hire a gardener that would take care of my lawn, but I just like to do it by myself. Honestly, I don't like to brag, but I have a great lawn, and I don't step on it at all. Before, it was a problem to water the lawn, but thankfully I stumbled on this site, and now, I know a few ways to water the lawn without stepping on it.
  5. I can recommend good Ivideon video surveillance cameras. They are also wireless, so they last a long time and you don't have to make a ditch for the wires. Also, since you've bought a cottage, get a wireless doorbell, too. Same situation as with the cameras. I recommend it to you because I bought one myself and didn't regret it. Ivideon you can find, but I'll leave the link to the doorbell, so you don't have to look for it for a long time