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  1. I'm helping my sister look after an older relative. I feel my sister is at times overly concerning about the weather. Tonight she asked me to help her take the furniture in because in north Atlanta we were under a wind advisory warning. I looked it up and it called for winds 10 - 20 mph with gusts to 35. It's hard to take her seriously about this sometimes, but I also don't want to complete disregard her. So, I'm trying to figure out where or how to draw the line. The kshb website says at 30-44 miles an hour - Nothing to worry about with these wind speeds. Trees will sway, some lawn furniture might topple. Since I"m not very familiar with wind speeds and weather in general, I'm curious if the people on here feel this is accurate, and also, if anyone has ever dealt with what may be an overly concerned family member.