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  1. Sorry for the delayed response, took about a week off, I ended up with around 6 for the Wednesday event, storm total for all of last week was between 8 to 10 inches, was a great week, I had snow on the ground all the way up to this Wednesday, definitely was a history maker as far as temps go, only seen that one other time in my life time.
  2. Currently sitting at 13 degrees with 3/4 inch of sleet/snow on ground, heaviest precipitation is close upon arrival, I’m just south of Memphis like 28 miles.
  3. Sitting at a balmy 18 degrees in North West Mississippi, been snowing lightly all day, we have a good dusting as of now.
  4. Well in most cases, when Dallas gets snow, normally that comes right up through even middle Tennessee, I believe middle Tennessee will not be shut out of this event, just may not be all snow, may be lots of ice to deal with, I’m by no means a meteorologist but I have lived in the mid south all my life and more times than not, when it hits Dallas, it normally moves right through the mid south into middle Tennessee, now there are occasions that this has not happened but this is a very cold airmass, we are not dealing with marginal cold here.
  5. We have around a half inch here in north west Mississippi and still coming down pretty good.
  6. Hate that we missed this one as well, really my fear was this would go north west of me, never south east of me, it is what it is though.
  7. Well the 18z Euro is a no go, big swing and a miss. Not sure if it’s just not amped up or just getting shredded up
  8. Do you feel like this may move back northwest any with its track? Meaning do you think there is more of this coming north west than it’s has already done?
  9. Let’s hope this one works out for the mid south, not betting the farm on it
  10. They been burnt to many times, so they will approach this with caution, can’t blame them, at one time the mid south had no problem with these but as of late these things can change at last minute.
  11. I’ll take that any day in north Mississippi, the Euro just keeps inching that low north every run since last nights run. My concern is, how much further north will she come
  12. Long time lurker here, decided to finally sign up, I enjoy all the commentary you guys bring. I’m from North west Mississippi, we have been in a snow drought as of late, been a while since a good winter storm has hit my area, really hoping that changes soon, maybe as soon as next weeK.