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  1. Pretty solid event in the high country last night. 3" at Hermit Lake, 5" at the Gray Knob manual snow plot, and 11" on the summit of MWN.
  2. Impressive daytime temps today. We were up to 28F before the squalls started, and now it has slipped back down to 25F with a pretty good burst of snow currently. Mid 20s at midday on April 22nd is noteworthy.
  3. Looks like heavy squalls are rolling through the western Whites right now based on the Lost River and Echo Lake road cams. For those unfamiliar, this is a pretty cool site: https://vortex.plymouth.edu/webcam/rwis/ Partly sunny and 26F right now on the east side, but I'm thinking we could have some snow and/or graupel showers when we maximize our instability around midday. Doubtful we see much accumulation due to the high sun angle, but there could be some pretty heavy bursts. Spring on hold for now.
  4. No wintry precip here, but we sure did get a solid hit of rain. 1.25" in the bucket with a current temp of 37F.
  5. First thunder and lightning of the year here. 46F and 0.64" of rain so far today. Looks like it has flipped to snow on the other side of Crawford Notch.
  6. Final tally for this event was 6.4" here in Jackson.
  7. 5.6" here as of 3pm. Snowing big flakes at 33F.
  8. We managed 6" during the December 5th event, which completely hosed the valley. But yes, there was 14-20" above 2000' so that was a tough pill to swallow. Today's event will likely be the largest event since then, so the two biggest events of the season (at elevation) will both fall outside of astronomical winter lol.
  9. Absolutely. My entire March total was a paltry 1.1 inches. The last 10 weeks have been about as lean as it gets around here.
  10. Up to 2.8" as of 8:30. Snowiest day since 2/22 for now. When we exceed 3" it'll be the snowiest day since February 2nd.
  11. 1" down as of 7am. Feeling pretty good about this event in my area. Heaviest rates are forecast to occur from 12pm-5pm today which should offset the daytime factor. Currently 31/29 with accumulation even on paved surfaces. Hopefully this event can push my seasonal total up and over the 70" mark.
  12. I skied the Cog today and was blown away by the conditions there! It was totally sunny driving from Jackson to Crawford Notch, but once we reached the AMC Highland Center it started snowing and continued all the way to Marshfield Station. I estimated 6" of new snow at the base of the Cog when we arrived at noon, which increased to 7-8" by the time we left at 3pm. Super low density "blower pow" as we call it; would've made for some of the best turns of the season if not for the thin base due to the recent warmth/rain. There were definitely some sharks in the water today!
  13. This was a rough year in the Eastern Whites. Here at 1500' in Jackson, I Iogged exactly five events of 6" or greater...the most recent of which occurred back on February 2nd. My total snowfall for the month of March will end up at 1.3 inches. My seasonal total of 61" is probably close to 50% of what should be expected for this location. Maybe not quite at 2016 levels...but close. Looking forward to next year.
  14. I skinned at Bretton Woods today! Very interesting mix of wet snow and fast ice. But I did enjoy the lack of crowds, and skinning allowed me to access the summit. Probably the only person to ski from the summit today haha.
  15. After a high of 65F today, we quickly dipped to 47F shortly after sunset but we have since jumped back to 58F on a pretty gusty south to southwest wind. Full on torch at this elevation right now.
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