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  1. Just got back from hiking North Doublehead. There was about 3.5" to 4" at 3000' with a temp of 30F. Accumulating way more efficiently up there, as one might expect. Still 33/31 here at 1500' with a total of 0.9" so far. Hopefully nightfall combined with the heavier bands pivoting in from the east will help us gain some traction.
  2. 33/31 and whitening up here, even beginning on paved surfaces. I'm hiking up the 3k peak in my backyard shortly, so it'll be interesting to see how much more is up there.
  3. Just drove up from the valley. 40F and rain in Jackson Village. 35F and snowing at my place. With diabatic cooling processes, I'm thinking we'll slip down to 32/33 pretty quickly now. Here we go.
  4. Precipitation beginning to pick up a bit, but it's still rain for now. 36/33. I think the steadier stuff moves in around 10am so hopefully we flip in another hour or so.
  5. Started as rain here. 37/33 right now.
  6. Sign me up for the 12z NAM please!! Absolute crush job as the CCB buries itself into the eastern slope and rots in place over the course of tomorrow night. With wind and falling temps that's an all-out blizzard here. Probably overdone, but one can dream.
  7. Yeah the backcountry is "thin" to say the least, and while this storm will be good I don't think it'll be enough for me to be comfortable getting out there. Too many sharks in the water, and I'm definitely not looking to injure myself on the first time out when I will likely be skiing for the next 5-6 months ha. I would definitely anticipate wind issues on Sunday, so if you can bag work on Monday that's probably the better bet. Plus they'll have the guns blasting all day Sunday/Sunday night so it's likely you'll have more open terrain on Monday anyway.
  8. Depends how high you're looking to get! I anticipate a steady 50+ mph above treeline for basically the entire day Sunday. MWN will likely gust 100+ as it often does following these events. Below treeline it'll obviously be much more tame, but I still anticipate many locations gusting 30-40 mph throughout the day...with temps in the 20s and on/off snow showers. Definitely a wintry day.
  9. I agree, I think we're sitting in a good position for this one. I do think the valley will struggle with efficient accumulation rates during the daytime tomorrow - I can envision temps hovering around 33/34F with a non-accumulating wet snow in North Conway for a good portion of the day, but up here at 1500' I think I'll be ok. The good stuff doesn't appear to move in until right around dusk, so the combination of nightfall plus an increase in rates due to the heavier band rotating in will probably allow all elevations to crash to 32F with a good thump that'll last well into the evening. In my opinion, the real show will be from about 4pm until 10pm-11pm or so. Psyched for my first real event in my new location!! I'm as much a ski weenie as I am a wx weenie, and my bread and butter is truly backcountry skiing...so I'm excited that this will be a nice dense snow to establish a good base for future riding. I'm sure there will be folks that attempt to ski the Cog on Sunday, and tempting as it may be...I have no interest in risking injury when we have such a long BC season up here. Last season I skied Hillman's Highway (Mount Washington) on June 15th so there's plenty of time, though I am so ready lol.
  10. Not if the gfs has anything to say about it. The upslope signature Saturday night is outrageous for northern NH on the latest run. You definitely are not in the synoptic jackpot, but it almost looks like there's a double QPF max - one from southeastern NH up through adjacent southwestern ME, and another squarely over the upslope regions on the northern/western slopes of the Whites. I lose in this scenario (in a relative sense). Still a good 36 hours to go, but I honestly feel pretty good about where we are sitting with this one. Models will continue to fluctuate from one run to the next, but I don't think it's very likely that we miss out on our first real event of the season.
  11. It was the first event from 5-7 December 2003. I forgot there was a second! I was an undergrad at Plymouth State that month, and I think we got 10" and 12" from both events before it all washed away in a Grinch storm before Christmas.
  12. December 2003 comes to mind as a storm that may have pummeled this area. That storm delivered 52" to Pinkham Notch, which is less than 10 miles from here as the crow flies. Of course that was a storm that featured insane mesoscale banding, so there were likely some pretty extreme spatial differences that could have cut totals here in half.
  13. This morning's Euro run has me thinking about historical extreme snowfalls in my area. Not sure if others have used https://xmacis.rcc-acic.org before, but this is my go-to website for climo stuff. It has hundreds of sites throughout the area, but it can be difficult to find some that have lengthy and/or continuous periods of record. In any event, I was able to find an observation spot in North Conway that dates back to 1974. Unfortunately, this is about 1000' lower than my location but these are the top 10 snowfalls in the valley since the mid '70s:
  14. Just started here as well. 33 degrees with flakes flying.