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  1. Hoping to see a few flurries or snow showers over here in northwest middle tn with these clippers. I have a feeling this may be the last good chance to see much snow flying the way it looks right now. Would love to at least get one more dusting before winter totally is gone. It hasn't been a good year for much of anybody, but east tn has done better than west or middle this year for sure. If I can't get any I hope the eastern part of the state can cash in.
  2. Sky is mostly clear here in northwest middle tn at the moment.
  3. Yep my low here was initially forecast for 31 and then it went to 33 but I see where it is now back to 31 for tonight. Just need a little more moisture that way. Temps just a degree or 2 one way or the other is going to make a difference, especially on the plateau and valley areas.
  4. Next Nam run coming up soon should be interesting. Hope we can keep that northern trend into Tennessee going on this one. At least it something to follow, maybe someone in the south will get a surprise.
  5. From a personal perspective I hope it gets north enough for the tn-ky border areas to be involved. Sitting in Montgomery Co, I hope it at least makes it close to Nashville anyway, I could snow chase pretty easy at that point. I also have friends in Henry Co and Christian Co Ky that love snow and hope they can get them one before the end of the year as well. But it's weather and we have no option but to take what it delivers.
  6. Next weekends system or non system still has my eye, maybe with a little luck this system will start trending our way. Hopefully we can get the moisture and cold to meet right over Tennessee! All we have is hope! LOL!
  7. By the looks of that we need just a little north trend and Tennessee would be in business. At 7-8 days out at least there may be a chance. Fingers crossed, it has potential if only we could get a little lucky for once.
  8. I have lived in Tennessee my entire life and have always loved weather, I am not nearly as good at looking at maps and understanding them as most are in here. But I was thinking to myself earlier, that looks weird how it goes back west after getting so far east. Just looks odd. Kind of hard for me to think it would be raining in Tennessee with a 1047 HP in Iowa as well.
  9. Hopefully we will get one of them famous northwest trends, northwest middle tn would get shafted on that. That would be the ultimate downer if a good winter storm goes south of me at the end of winter. But good luck for all.
  10. 12 gfs has a Tennessee special just inside 200 on this run. What could go wrong? LOL! But hey, maybe it is on too something. Here's hoping for 1 good statewide winter before spring! That would be awesome considering the winter we have had overall statewide. Statewide events are hard to come by, but they have happened. Maybe at least the majority our forum wide area can hit on at least 1 more winter event.
  11. Received right at a inch here in Montgomery County on elevated surfaces, probably about 3/4 inch on the ground. If the ground had been colder at the onset we would have picked up 2-3 here. We had 2 separate rounds where it snowed pretty steady for a few hours at a time. As bad as the winter has been, I am a little more confident this morning that we still may have a chance or 2 to score a bigger snow before winters end. But if we don't at least we was able to salvage something in a overall bad winter pattern for most of the year.
  12. What do you think about the system coming into Tennessee tonight Carver? Do you think parts of middle and west tn may get a 1/2 inch or so. I would just be happy to wake up early in the morning around 5 and see a flizzard and the ground have a good dusting anyway. I think the plateau and mountains may actually get 2-3 inches out of this, at least portions of the plateau and mountains. Here's hoping us snow lovers at least get to see some snow flying late tonight and tomorrow.
  13. Thanks for the updates, I am just focusing in on the weekend. As dull as this winter has been this is the first system since November for us in west and most of middle tn this is the first system to even track in a while. No matter how small the system, something is better than nothing. At least starting tomorrow there will be something to track back into Texas. Hopefully all of Tennessee can at least get a little snow before spring, but it won't surprise me if we don't. Last year, we got a little ice In November and this year we got a dusting in November of 1/4 inch. We have had stretches like this before, at some point we will get ours. Just hope we don't have to wait for another year. Neverless, I enjoy coming over here and listening to all weather talk it is educational and fun.
  14. I'm located in northwest middle tn, I was just wondering about folks thoughts on the 9-10th. I appreciate the updates from Carver and everyone else. Would love to see at least a good portion of the state get a snow before the spring finally puts winter out of it's misery. All it would take is a good snow for everyone to be happy, but out time is ticking for sure.