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  1. Tithonia (aka Mexican sunflower) beat everything else in attracting butterflies for a couple months last year in Spotsylvania Co. for me. Results may vary.
  2. To delay tree (apples, pear, peach) flowering. The longer trees stay dormant the longer they can handle a hard freeze. 10 degrees F on April 1 after a warm March will eliminate any hope for fruit. But the same 10 F after a cold March shouldn’t be a problem.
  3. What about the 10-15 month runs? They have to be better than 10-15d this winter.
  4. All weekend storms are non-events. In my 29 years in DC I think there was only one weekend storm that was bad enough for OPM to give us Feds a snow day.
  5. If climo valley temps (Jan.)precede peak climo snow (Feb.)....then are climo temps of any predictive value?
  6. I am thankful for this forum. Even though I can’t understand 80% of what’s written.
  7. 22 consecutive days of decreasing maximum sun angle here in Alexandria. It’s looking like we might tie the record for the most consecutive days for November.
  8. When does the ground freeze solid? Does the NWS or anyone model this? I have some trees to plant and digging frozen ground requires too many spell points. I’m only a 7th level half-elf Druid. Thanks.
  9. It’s looking like another great March! Marches of 2011-2017 were mild enough to have my stone fruit (cherries plums, peach) trees and kiwi vines leaf-out and bloom - only to be hit with a late freeze that killed off all the flower buds. Last year only one plum tree emerged from dormancy early enough to be effected by the last freeze/frost. Everything else stayed dormant through all cold spats.